The MOTIV Ring and Its Impact on Fitness Tracking

Fitness trackers are nothing new today as they are being used my millions of people and are made by multiple companies.  However, the trick is to create a product that is different and unique from all the other fitness trackers that are available in the market; MOTIV may have solved this issue.  Introducing a fitness tracker that is not a band or a watch but has been shrunken down to the size of a ring; so, let us look at the pros and cons of MOTIV’s ring fitness tracker.

The MOTIV Ring

When going to the MOTIV website, the viewer is shown a man and woman holding hands while one of them is wearing a ring; this can track an individual’s sleep, fitness and heart rate.  While you can view a video that demonstrates the product, several reviews can be seen praising the ring, such as The Wall Street Journal, SHAPE, Business Insider and Gizmodo.  Each have been quoted as saying how effective the ring is and how it is described as an engineering marvel.

According to the website, the ring is a combination of function, form and fit as being the smallest fitness tracker that is currently available.  While some may think sacrifices had to be made to incorporate the needed tech in such a small tracker, the makers would firmly disagree as they state no sacrifices were made in reducing the size; besides tracking heart rate, activity and sleep, they add that it is stylish and comfortable to wear.

Promoting it as being smarter wearable technology, people will appreciate that it was no small feet reducing a fitness tracker into a form factor of a ring; nevertheless, users will be more impressed on how the product is conformed into a premium titanium shell that is both ultralight and sleek.  Although the creators of the fitness tracker ring have no issue with giving the product both thumbs up, let us look at what others have to say regarding the pros and cons of MOTIV’s ring.


The Pros of MOTIV’s Ring Fitness Tracker

Breaking down whether the product is worth purchasing, let’s see what others are saying regarding the positives of this small tracker.  Writer Victoria Song from PC Mag gave her view on what she liked and disliked about it, starting with that it lives up to its’ claim about tracking things like steps, active minutes, calories, heart rate and sleep.  Another thing worth mentioning is its’ discreet design makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day; after all, what good is it if an individual is uncomfortable wearing it despite what it can accomplish.

Some other benefits of the ring are that the app is well-designed, it is safe to wear while swimming and uses a key-chain charger to re-energize it.  While she had some negatives to say about it, more positive reviews were made by other sources, such as The Fitness Junkie Blog.  The website agrees with the pros that was on PC Mag, such as it tracks the basics found on many fitness trackers, a plus for being waterproof and that the app is well-designed.


One thing the website did was rate certain characteristics on a scale from one to ten.  Those rated eight and above include design (nine), accuracy (eight and a half), heart rate monitor and value both received a rating of eight; however, the battery life was considered under the con section.

The Cons of MOTIV’s Ring Fitness Tracker

Although the ring has some great things going for it, there are some concerns that may make some potential users think twice before purchasing.  PC Mag noted that for Android users, there is no support offered while those who are petite hands may find the product bulky.  Though the device covers basic fitness stats, many might think it would offer more detailed information considering the price of it; being pricey is also a concern for those who want a basic fitness tracker that is not expensive.

The Fitness Junkie Blog also comments on some negative aspects of it, such as the battery life lasts only three days (received a six out of ten rating).  The lack of support for Android users was also noted as well as the ring doesn’t have a screen on it.  Finally, since the MOTIV ring on there website was listed at $199, they agreed that this was a high price for a fitness tracker that only provides the basic details.


Yay or Nay for MOTIV’s Ring Fitness Tracker

Those who are looking for something different in a fitness tracker that covers the basics, is considered stylish and is looking for something smaller than some of the bulky fitness trackers that are currently available; this is a product worth looking into getting.  However, what would cause individuals to walk away from this fitness tracker are Android users that would not be able to enjoy the product’s full potential, not to mention that it provides just the basic tracking details for a high price point.

Overall, those who would benefit the most are non-Android users that either can overlook the high price to try something different or are able to purchase it at an affordable price.