LA Police Making Inroads With ‘Chip’ the Chatbot

Although we are yet to have fully automated police officers taking charge in the streets or banks, the truth is, we are headed there. It’s not a surprise that soon, the officer guarding Mr. President will be an intelligent robot. Well… that’s what the latest chatbot in LA is suggesting.

Already, we have a bot being referred as Officer: “Officer Chip” to be precise. Interesting, who would have imagined ten years back that at some point, chatbots would be even a topic of discussion? Now it is, and indeed a very hot field that artificial intelligence is exploring.

The Celebrated Bot, “Now Officer” in LA

“Chip,” the new chatbot in the city of Los Angeles has become the hottest news in town, besides being off probation only for the last few months. Personified as a male, “his” performance has been amazing, which made the officials to offer the chatbot a post -to assist potential police department recruits.

Well, to be precise and to the point, ‘Chip’ the bot currently works in the police department of LA, (its current name is “Officer Chip”). This is a different job from what “he” used to do. During beta last May, the chatbot was handling matters related to business. Meaning, it is made with an evolutionary algorithms principle that allows it to learn new things, as well as adapt to new environments.

Performance History

Source: houseofbots

Working at the BAVN (Business Assistance Virtual Network) then, Chip, (also known in full as City Hall Internet Personality) took charge of assisting as many as 97,000 business owners. It helped them learn how to find contacts, register for notifications as well as interact profitably with the city dwellers.

Within the first 24 hours in the beta, the chatbot is said to assist more than 180 folks, for that performance it immediately went live, in July. That is what captured the attention of Mayor Eric Garrett’s Innovation Group. The impact to the people must have been so significant that it reached the authorities that fast.

AI in Los Angeles’ Police Service

Chip’s new and current job is related to helping police recruits. The process of recruiting folks into forces is a time-intensive exercise. In Los Angeles the least number of recruits, you’ll find at any particular time stands at 7,000, and these need to be served by the City Hall Staffers –which can be extremely tedious.

Garrett’s Team works hand in hand with the Personnel Department and LA Police Department (LAPD) to help in recruiting and hiring tasks. Now, Officer Chip, as his fellow human police officers call the AI-powered chatbot, has been given the role of ensuring that the recruits access the right information.

Based on experience, thousands of calls come through each month to the Personnel Department’s Public Safety Division –with candidates wanting to know specific information about the process of joining service. There are those who also call just to know what is required to either build interest or drop the ambition.

“This is one of the many strategies we are setting up to help recruits know what to expect in being a police officer. We also admit that the power of Chip can easily be used in many other different places, of our systems,” Said Amanda Daflos, the director of Mayor’s Innovation Team.

The Bot Grows in Intelligence with Experience

Source: techcrunch

It is said that the chatbot serves around 35 to 40 sessions per day and that is exposing it to become smarter. The good thing is that most of the questions the bot is supposed to respond to, 1,000 of them, (ranging from topics relating to salary, drug test, and more) are things that don’t require a complex approach.

The officials backing up this technology were impressed by the number of those chat sessions, terming them as quite encouraging. “It’s telling us that this is what people are interested in. The number is good bearing the fact that we’ve not advertised the technology,” Daflos said.

Is it Exposed to any Risks?

Yes, reports now show that AI-powered systems can be subject to learning things that were not intended, especially those that are exposed the public domain. However, with Chip’s case, there’s nothing much to worry, all it can do is maybe mimic speech patterns wrongly, but not easily possible.

Looking at the brains behind Chip the chatbot, who are said to have been trained together with the developers of Cortana Microsoft’s Speech Assistant, we can be sure that the AI bot will make a bigger impact in serving the public, in its new role of assisting aspiring cops.