Black Panther: Why Is It Possible for Killmonger to Wear the Black Panther Suit?

The recent Black Panther trailer shows the villain, Killmonger, wearing what appears to be the Black Panther suit. At one point it also appears as if Killmonger finally managed to usurp T’Challa’s throne, and that might be a surprise to some.

In the comic books, Killmonger did steal the throne T’Challa to become Black Panther and the leader of Wakanda. After all, the trailer showed a few of T’Challa’s bodyguards bowing to Killmonger, so that’s proof enough.

The question is, how could this villain manage to overpower Black Panther, steal the throne, and wear the suit if he doesn’t have a good heart? Well, let’s explain a few things.

The Heart-Shaped Herb

In the comics and the movie, there’s something known as the Heart-Shaped Herb, and it’s essentially a superhero serum that is naturally created from the Earth and can only be found in Wakanda.

Now, anyone can digest the Heart-Shaped Herb, but that doesn’t mean all will have the same effects. You see, if you do not have a great deal of nobility and pureness of heart, along with royal blood, then the Heart-Shaped Herb will poison you.

Killmonger found this out the hard way in the comics, and we suspect the same will happen to him in the movie.

Now, after realizing the herb wasn’t compatible with his body, the villain who wants to take Wakanda for himself, decided to create a synthetic version of the herb, and that’s how he was able to wear the Black Panther suit.

Bear in mind that the suit doesn’t grant new powers, physical or mental abilities. If you’re a great acrobat, wearing the suit will make you better, and that’s pretty much the gist of that. However, over recent years, upgrades have added new type of claws and the ability to run on walls.

At the end of the day, if you’re a regular human, the suit will do nothing to aid your conquest.

Sympathy for the Devil?

Killmonger started off as a villain with a type of righteous purpose that wasn’t really righteous. One could understand his need to take over the kingdom, and some readers might even agree with him. However, his methods weren’t the best, so if Marvel chooses to follow the original comics, then Killmonger could become the first worthy villain since Loki.

Let’s make no mistake here, these Marvel movies haven’t had a villain worth talking about for long periods since Loki. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve never truly invested a lot of time into keeping up with the stories being told.

But depending on how Killmonger is handled in Black Panther, I might choose to invest more of my time in watching Marvel movies. After all, I tend to prefer the villains in movies, or TV shows, instead of the heroes.