How To Play PSP Games On Android

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Did you ever wonder how to play PSP games in your android smart phone? Well there has been a lot of myths around regarding this fact. But you will be happy to know that there is a possibility to play your favorite PSP games in your android smart phone.

PPSSPP is an android emulator which allows you to enjoy your PSP games in your smart phone. You just need some steps to follow to allow your device to be compatible with the app.

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Steps to Play PSP Games On Android:

Stay tuned as we will provide you the best and easy to access the app in your device and play PSP games in your Android phone.

  • Open the Google Play store and search for the PPSSPP emulator. You will find two options. One is the regular one and the other is the premium one. You can install any one you want to.
  • Click on install and let the app get installed in your phone. There is no need to download any additional files for it.
  • Now the main part is to find compatible games for your app and play them in your Android.
  • You can download ISO game files from unknown sources from the internet and most of the games come in CSO format which is a compressed ISO file. Both the CSO and ISO file will work out smoothly.
  • Some websites provide rar files which need to be extracted to get the ISO game file. You will need an app to extract the rar file.
  • After extracting the file you have to move the game file to the PSP game folder and then you are ready to go.
  • Open the PPSSPP app in your android phone and search for the game folder and select the game you want to play.
  • The game will run without any change in settings required. The settings are preset.
  • If you want to play a smooth game without any bugs, you just need to make some tweaks in the settings of the PPSSPP app. You can set the frame-skipping and disable the slower effects to run a game faster.
  • Some of the games come with a broken or torn sound, to fix it it’s better to disable the sound of the game.
  • To load any status of the game, just tap the back button of the phone and tap ‘save stat’ and you can easily load the saved status of the game.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article will help you out as we have discussed the process to download and play your favorite PSP games in your Android smart phone in details. You can opt for a lot of games which are compatible and play them. But you must keep in mind that your phone must be new enough with a modern processor to run most of the games with no issues. Older phone may slow down the games a bit. Do let us know your experience with the PPSSPP app and share your advice. We look forward to help you in future. Keep playing!