How Social Media Has Shaped Various Favorite Sports

Over the past two decades, social media is drastically changing how clubs, sports stars, and fans are interacting with each other on multiple platforms.

From creating snarky memes, tweeting games, watching the sport online, sports enthusiasts can now view news and insights just from these online platforms.

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The following are the major sports that have benefited from social media significantly.


The most popular professional wrestling and stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, has been in business since 1952. The American entertainment firm specializes not only in professional wrestling but also video games, film, music, and product licensing.

The current chief brand officer is Stephanie McMahon who is married to former wrestler Triple H.

Stephanie is known for initiating WWE’s move into virtual reality and the integration with Facebook Watch, a video service that has currently been in high demand.

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She has confirmed that with Next VR being part of the deal, the firm will be in a position to create six virtual experiences by the beginning of next year. The service offers fans a chance to view WWE superstars face to face and feel the spectacular experience.


Soccer is considered the most famous sport in the whole world with over 3.5 billion fans. Apart from providing a platform where fans can easily share a forum with favorite soccer, social media has been influential in creating publicity for a new signings and offering their unique squad number for the club.

For instance, in 2013, Arsenal used social media to excite their new sign in Mesut Ozil, a German soccer who previously played for Real Madrid to its club.

Furthermore; the career of Tom Cleverley, a midfielder who was obtained on-loan was greatly influenced by social media platforms following an online argument of him not joining the England club.


Cricket is currently ranked second after soccer among the most ten favorite sports in the world. It has a fan following of approximately 2.5 Billion.

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Twitter has become a standard platform for most Pakistan cricketers and especially the younger generation making them more comfortable. Most of them post selfies from the famous National Cricketing Academy before or after practice.

Most recently, the perception and profile of the sport in a country like India is due to the extensive publicity on various social media sites and the live coverage of the ICC world cup, says Mithali Raj, captain of India’s women’s cricket team.

Field Hockey

Field hockey is currently ranked third with over 2 Billion fans in the world. The sport is more popular in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe than in other parts of the world. Social media has been ideal in promoting and creating interest for the sport.

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For instance, the USA field hockey following a hash tag dubbed #NoOffDays, a campaign that takes most male athletes time on weekends accompanied with early morning runs.

The campaign is widely spread on social sites combined with relevant video segments to encourage more people to join the sport.


Tennis has a fanatic following of approximately one Billion with significant popularity in America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Various social media sites have offered tennis fans exclusive access to favorite stars without restricting any uncensored content.

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Roger Federer, a legendary Swiss tennis player, choose Facebook over other platforms to first post the photographs of his new twins. The photo received over 100,000 thumbs immediately after posting.

Apart from garnering them a massive following of hungry fans on both Facebook and Twitter including other social sites, they play a significant role in the promotion of their brand which eventually leads to making of money.

Additionally, Serena Williams, a famous American woman tennis player shared her experiences of pregnancy with her fans that went viral on Facebook.


Basketball is the most significant sport in America with over 400 million fans. The NBA has proved that social media can be critical in solving political and social causes.

It can only be accomplished if implemented with an active organization. Most legendary basketball players have built an exceptional brand or cloth line from their social media such as Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant among others.

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It is a fact that sites Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify have been crucial in building a vast sports following and also making money.

Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo is considered number one in the world of sports with over 61.1 million Twitter fans and 113 million Instagram admirer.