Samsung Adds Bixby and SmartThings Control to 2018 Family Hub Refrigerators

Samsung announced at the ongoing CES 2018, it would be offering improved integration of its SmartThings ecosystem into its Family Hub refrigerator range with the addition of a few smart features. SmartThings is the connected hub, which allows different devices to communicate with one another.

By developing more advanced versions of SmartThings connectivity as concerns Family Hub, the users would then be able to monitor and control all of the connected devices from the screen of the fridge’s door.

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SmartThings Integrates Third-Party Devices

This time the Samsung Family Hub comes available with a large touch-screen panel in the door that has a number of online apps and services available for one to interact. A number of streaming music applications and live radio channels would be streamed through the fridge using an AKG speaker system that is built into the appliance. It would also connect and control third-party devices as stated before which are part of the SmartThings smart home ecosystem like the thermostats, lights and the home video camera system.

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So the user would be able to view what is happening outside the front door or in another room with a compatible camera. There is even a camera built into the inside of the fridge so one can get a peek at what is needed for the convenience of a smart-phone while at the store.

This integration was meant to add another layer of convenience to the Family Hub experience even in the event that one is not spending a lot of time staring at the fridge door. This is another step toward device integration to make for a smart home experience which will, in turn, extend to commute probably during the coming years as the home and car systems begin to integrate.

Bixby and AI

Samsung will also be including Bixby as a digital assistant to the Family Hub Refrigerators. Truthfully, Bixby had already been added but it only handled the most basic of voice commands. This iteration of the Family Hub fridges will get the full Bixby package.

In its fridge form, Bixby would be able to ascertain individual voices of different people within the residence in order to give personalized results. This could be oriented towards calendar appointments, diet schedules, and even prescription reminders. Courtesy of the new SmartThings addition, one will have the latest news read out or weather preparations.

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The other thing is Samsung is introducing a new SmartThings application during the spring which is meant to allow clients to have a central venue where they would be able to control most of the Internet of Things devices. Within the next two years, the company aims to have its smart home connected devices not only IoT proficient but infused with AI. That could entail collaboration between Bixby and an artificial intelligence that would integrate all functions.

This has been the trend for other tech giants such as Amazon and Google, which seem to be hurtling toward a similar destination as well. The Family Hub line of refrigerators will be available from the start of spring though Samsung has not yet revealed the pricing.