Buying Internet-Connected Gadgets on eBay? Think Twice

One of the best websites on the web to purchase gadgets is eBay. It’s especially great for international shoppers due to affordable shipping. Now, despite eBay’s popularity, it might be wise for consumers to think twice before purchasing internet-connected devices from the retailer.

We’re slowly creating a future that relies a lot on the internet of things to function. Everything within our home will soon be connected, and already, many consumers around the world are eating up smart devices to get a first-hand experience.

Think twice before buying gadgets on eBay

Folks need to be wary of purchasing internet-connected gadgets from eBay because there’s always the chance of someone tampering with products for their own gain. Bear in mind that eBay is open to anyone, so people with depraved intentions can easily sign up and begin selling their wares.

“It is possible for internet-connected devices to be tampered with and resold on the web,” according to Leigh-Anne Galloway, lead cybersecurity resilience analyst at the cybersecurity firm Positive Technologies. “It’s similar to buying a secondhand cellphone without it being restored to factory settings.”

Several of the key aspects that make up smartphones and IoT devices may contain spyware. Therefore, it makes more sense to purchase these products from trusted sources, but that’s easier said than done.

You see, trusted sources such as Amazon, Best Buy, or even Walmart, will likely sell second-hand devices at a higher price when compared to individual sellers on eBay. Now, not everyone on the shopping platform is up to no good. Some sellers just want to get rid of an old smartphone in order to purchase a new one.

It’s very difficult for us to say you must refrain from purchasing internet-connected products from eBay, just be aware of whom you’re doing business with. Be sure to give greater consideration to sellers with high ratings and good written reviews.

If you’ve bought a device on eBay, do this if you’re concerned

Chances are you’ve already bought a sweet looking smartphone or wireless router from eBay, but now you might be wondering if you’re safe. Well, you can begin by factory resetting the device to its original state. Usually, that tends to remove any form of third-party additions, but if that’s not enough for you, there’s another option.

Simply go the manufacturer’s website and download the latest firmware. From there, install it and see what happens.

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