How companies are Using AI in the Field of Patient Data Mining

Data Mining Application in Health Care

The use for artificial intelligence continues to grow, despite those who may have doubts and fears of AI taking over the world; Stephen Hawking said that the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race (  Fortunately, many feel the opposite and that a relationship between humans and machines will bring forth an AI-age that will be beneficial in a variety of ways; concerning healthcare, artificial intelligence will redesign it completely and for the better ( 

One of the ways AI is and will continue t be helpful in the field of healthcare is allowing medical professionals the ability to create treatment plans as well as discovering the best suited methods for helping their patients; instead of having to battle the tread-wheel of bureaucracy, nurses and physicians can focus on doing their actual jobs.  Since we are in the age of big data, patient information is becoming valuable as tech giants, such as IBM and Google, are becoming more involved in acquiring this information; therefore, companies are using AI in the field known as patient data mining in a variety of ways.

Google Launches Deepmind Health Project

The AI research branch of the company recently launched a project known as Google Deepmind Health which focuses on mining medical records with the goal of providing faster and better health services; the project can go through hundreds of thousands of medical data within minutes.  While in the early phase of machine learning and data-harvesting, Google is working with the Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in the hopes of improving eye treatment ( 

Also, Google’s life sciences are working on a data-collecting initiative that aims to apply some of the same algorithms used to power Goggle’s search button to analyze what it is that makes a person healthy.  Included in this is experimenting with technologies that monitor diseases such as a digital contact lens that might detect levels of blood sugar.

IBM Launches Project WatsonPaths

IBM Watson decided to launch their own project called WatsonPaths that is collaborating with the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University in using AI (  The project utilizes two cognitive computing technologies that can be used by the AI algorithm Watson that are expected to assist physicians in making more accurate and informed choices quickly and to cull innovative ideas from electronic medical records (EMR).  Although these tech giants are being watched regarding the progress of each project, there are promising newcomers eager to assist healthcare in becoming better.

Chicago Start-Up Careskore Hopes to Help in Patient Healthcare

Careskore is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform aimed to assist physician organizations and health systems and is so promising that in August of 2016, it secured 4.3 million dollars for financing its’ operation (  Using Zeus algorithm in real time, Careskore basically makes predictions using a combination of demographic and behavioral data, clinical and labs how likely a patient will be admitted back to a hospital.

The data can help hospitals in improving the quality of care while providing a clearer understanding to a patient regarding their health; especially, if patients were to take advantage of signing up for Careskore’s personalized, artificial intelligence-based communication service platform that has notifications about their issues and risks.

More Companies Joining-In Using AI to Better Healthcare

There are more companies that are coming into their own and are using AI in the hopes of positively impacting the healthcare system.  Oncora Medical, a start-up based in Philadelphia, is starting to thrive and aims to aid in cancer treatment and research; there primary focus is on improving radiation therapy.   Another start-up known as Sentrian is working on bringing the medical community closer to a future that uses smart algorithms to inform individuals that they are going to be ill before symptoms are first experienced.

There are even other start-ups and companies that are realizing how artificial intelligence will completely impact the future of the healthcare system.  This realization will allow others to see how these companies will use AI in the field of patient data mining that will transform healthcare into something that will be beneficial to patients everywhere.