Samsung 5G Successful During High Speed Train Test in Japan

There’s been on large step closer to 5G technology by Samsung. A few days back Samsung electronics and Japanese telecommunication company KDDI ran a successful demonstration of 5th generation high-speed internet technology on a moving train in Saitama, Japan.

Source: Samsung

The Samsung 5G test was a success

The train was going 100km/hours while the test was going on. The test successfully ran a data transmission of 1.7 Gbps data speed during the demo runs. According to both companies, this speed of is a great achievement and they plan to continues its development to make it even better.

This test was run in Saitama, Japan, near the city Tokyo. Equipment used for the demonstration included Samsung 5G pre-commercial solutions, which contains a 5G router, 5G radios, a virtualized core, and RAN.

“The demonstration leveraged capabilities are driven by 5G, such as high throughput, low latency and massive connections, which verified potential services that, would be highly beneficial to passengers and operators of high-speed trains,” Samsung said.

Source: JP Visitor

The test occurred between the two stations in Japan over a mile stretch of track. According to the company information, they said one can download an 8K quality video using a 5G router. A recorded 4K video shot from the mobile camera was also uploaded for testing the data speed.

Samsung spokesperson claimed the company is “paving the way to vastly improved backhaul for onboard Wi-Fi, superior passenger infotainment and increased security and analytics.”

“The potential that 5G holds is powerful enough to transform the landscape of our daily lives,” said Youngky Kim, President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “The success of today’s demonstration is a result of our joint research with KDDI, which we will continue to pursue as we explore next-generation networks and use cases. This will include research on diverse spectrums and technologies, as well as new business models and applications.”

Source: Samsung

While talking about the new Samsung 5G technology, KDDI’s senior managing executive officer Yoshiaki Uchida said: “With 5G expected to bring railway services to a whole new dimension, the success of today’s demonstration in everyday locations such as a train and train station is an important milestone indicating 5G commercialization is near.”

Uchida added, “To fulfill our aim to launch 5G by 2020, KDDI will continue exploring real-life scenario experiments for diverse 5G use and business cases together with Samsung.”

So, we can expect that Samsung may soon launch their 5G technology. As 4G LTE technology has taken us ahead in many ways, by introducing the new 5G technology, we can expect even higher speeds during data transmission.