What Laura Loomer’s Situation Reveals About Relying on Tech Companies

Source: Laura Loomer/Twitter

When it comes down to transportation, it’s pretty clear where things are headed. We are witnessing the rise of electric and self-driving cars and people choosing to sell their personal vehicles just to take advantage of ride-hailing services, and due to the lower expense.

The big question is, then, is giving up our driving skills an excellent thing to do? And if we adopt the autonomous car future, should we sell our vehicles just to save some cash while giving everything to big tech companies?

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You see, skills are fundamental to humans, as they give us something to do, they keep us active in more ways than one. However, the autonomous future is threatening a way of life that is proven to work. We’re getting to a point where there’s no need to lift heavy goods, no need to have the essential skill of driving, while ultimately receding our freedoms to tech giants.

I say this because of what Laura Loomer noted on Twitter, and now she’s banned from using the Uber and Lyft apps, which means, she can never hail one of these vehicles ever again.

She was wrong; I’m not disputing that

Recently, there was a terror attack in New York City by Sayfullo Saipov. He failed to achieve more chaos due to the brave people in the City. Based on that, Ms. Loomer made some angry comments about her not being able to get an Uber or Lyft ride that doesn’t have a Muslim driver.

It didn’t take long for Uber to take action, and that’s where my problem lies. You see, her political affiliation doesn’t matter to me because I care not about politics in any shape or form, therefore, while her statements were terrible and should be scrutinized, it doesn’t trigger me to draw for my pitchfork.

However, I will say that Ms. Loomer is living proof of what the future might hold. With big tech companies placing themselves in the center of our daily lives, differences in opinion could leave many without being able to shop at some stores online, or like Ms. Loomer’s case, the inability to get a ride from point A to point B.

If we look at what’s going on right now, tech companies are showing themselves as increasingly political, which means folks behind the scenes who are making the most important decisions are already influenced.

So what’s the solution?

Trying to abandon the advancements in technology would not be a good idea. I would recommend for all humans to keep pushing to have their own things just in case. There is no need for manual-drive cars to be set aside, or that of local storage, or whatever else.

Giving everything up to the tech giants is akin to giving up our freedom. Many will be reluctant to agree seeing as technology makes things more comfortable, but that’s not the right way to think.

Furthermore, some folks may disagree because it doesn’t affect them. But hey, it might not affect you and me today, but it could in the future as things become more authoritarian.