Amazon is Paying Big Bucks to Developers to Create Alexa Skills for Kids

Source: TechCrunch

Amazon is having a lot of success with the Echo products, and that’s a good thing for the company because it allows for a smarter Alexa as time goes and with every new skill. There’s probably not much left to do in terms of new Echo products that are innovative, so what about one for the children?

The company hasn’t come out and said it’s working on a kids version of the Echo, but after Amazon came out with an announcement that it has created a $250,000 fund for developers, then it’s clear the writing is on the wall for such a product in the future.

Source: Amazon

What is the idea behind this $250,000 fund?

The retail giant is seeking developers to create Alexa Skills that are aimed at children under the age of 13. The developer who creates the best skill will claim the top prize of $25,000, so be sure to come up with great ideas instead of someone repeating the ABCs. That’s good too, but try to think outside of the box.

Now then, if you’re an eligible participant, Amazon will give you a free Echo Dot. To make things even more interesting, student developers from high schools or universities will receive dedicated prizes on top of the Echo Dot.

The company says it’s primarily looking for educational and fun related skills that are vocal. We should have seen this coming after Amazon added the kids’ skill functionality back in August of this year. As it stands, the retail giant wants to transform Alexa and its Echo products into something for the entire family, and this is one of the best ways to do it.

Here’s how Amazon intends to judge your created skills according to statements from the company’s website:

  • the quality, creativity, and originality of your idea
  • the implementation of your idea including ease-of-use and whether it performs as expected
  • its potential impact including its ability to educate, entertain, and/or engage children under 13
  • its accompanying submission package including the skill description and ID, video demo, and other materials
  • customer engagement including factors such as minutes of usage, the number of new and recurring customers, customer ratings, and more

The Amazon Echo Kids?

It’s not too farfetched for Amazon to create an Echo device that is centered around children in the distant future. The company will first have to wait on developers to develop enough skills designed for children; then it could launch a device will all of these skills installed.

It would make perfect sense than to allow mom and dad to share their Amazon Echo with the children.

It’s easy days right now, and we could be very wrong in our assessment of the situation. But hey, let’s play the wait and see game before coming to a final conclusion.