Make Your Own Nintendo Switch-Like Device That Plays Retro Games

Source: YouTube

Nintendo has done a fantastic job with its newest video game console, the Nintendo Switch. What we have here is a console that is more than just a home device, but a handheld gaming system as well.

The system is quite a treat since consumers are eating it up. However, while it does have quite a few games, Nintendo for some odd reasons has failed to release many of its classic video games for the new platform. Instead, the Japanese company chooses to sell the NES Classic and the SNES Classic with a host of older games.

Let’s not hide behind the bush here; the Nintendo Switch would be an even better machine if many of Nintendo’s retro titles were available via the store. But that’s not the case, and as such, one man has come up with an idea to change that.


The DYI Nintendo Switch

A modder and electrical engineer student from Iowa State University who goes by the name, Tim Lindquist, found a way to build his very own Switch system, and he wants you to follow his lead to create your own. Now then, this particular system is called “Nintimdo RP,” and it won’t be playing Switch games anytime soon.

The primary task of this system is to play Nintendo retro games or any other title you can think of. We understand Lindquist created this system through the power of open source emulation software, and at the heart of the entire thing, we can find software designed by Raspberry Pi.

Like the real Switch, the Nintendo RP is a fully portable system that can also be played on a TV. In terms of the physical system, Lindquist uses 3D printing to create a case for going around the Raspberry Pi hardware. For extended gaming on a train or plane, he made sure to add a 10,000 mAh battery that is rechargeable via microUSB.

Source: YouTube

Won’t play Switch games

The RP is in no way a better machine than the Switch, but it does have a larger screen that measures around 7-inches in size. Additionally, this bad boy comes packed with an HDMI port, and regular USB ports. Also, since it’s powered by Linux, it’s possible to use it as a full-fledged computer.

Looking at the video below, it’s quite clear that it works. However, the big question is, how many people are willing to manually create a handheld gaming system that is capable of playing retro games only. We do not see a lot of people going down this road.

To make matters worse for this mod, it’s not able to play games designed for the Nintendo Switch. It’s just another handheld device to carry around. Still, we have to praise Lindquist for his work on this thing. It’s not for everyone, but the folks who are interested, well, it’s going to be a blast.