The Flying Martha Toy is Basic Technology Design Done Wisely

With technology improving every day, who would have thought that a company would go ahead and create a wind-up toy. To some, going this route would make little sense since children are more into smartphones, tablets, drones, and just anything that is heavily technologized.

But that wasn’t enough to stop the folks at Haptic Lab from designing an exciting toy known as the Flying Martha Ornithopter. The device is a mechanical toy that is made to fly like a real bird. The entire thing is primarily powered by a single rubber band, and despite that, it works wonderfully from our point of view.

How does the Flying Martha Ornithopter work?

The toy bird is similar to a regular paper airplane, remember those? To fly it, just throw it into the wind and watch the magic. The interesting thing about the Flying Martha is the fact that while it’s airborne, the wings are flapping like a real bird.

You see, the flapping wings, just like a living bird, gives the Flying Martha the lift it needs to stay in the air. Now then, seeing as the toy is handmade, the creators have said this makes it possible for users to customize how it flies. Haptic Lab also went on to add that the toy encourages problem solving and physical play.

In an age where technology has become the center of our lives, it’s great to see a toy encourages children to be active.

What are the materials used to create the Flying Martha?

All materials for the product can probably be found in a hardware store down south, but that doesn’t mean anyone can create it themselves. According to the Kickstarter page, the materials consist of bamboo, paper, a few wires, and a single rubber band.

“True to life, the wingspan of the Flying Martha is 16 inches. Each bird currently weighs just 12.5 grams, about as much as a single AAA battery; by comparison, a similarly-sized plastic ornithopter weighs over 19g. Pending funding, we plan on shaving off an additional few tenths of an ounce with custom rubber bands.”

When it comes down to creating the toy, we understand this will be done by hand, which is excellent. However, if Haptic Labs gain a lot of followers, the company could have issues with keeping up with demand. Nonetheless, nothing beats a human touch, so we’re all for the Flying Martha Ornithopter being created by hand.

Remember the passenger pigeon?

The design of the Flying Martha is based on an extinct bird known as the passenger pigeon. There were over 3.5 billion of these creatures at one point, but humanity hunted them to extinction. The last known passenger pigeon was named Martha, and she died in captivity in 1914.

As a species, we are very dangerous to animals and ourselves.

Flying Martha Ornithopter is now on Kickstarter where it has surpassed its goal of $30,000. There’s still 14 days to go, so folks who are interested in honoring the passenger pigeon can go ahead and pledge.