Henn-na Hotel: Will You Stay At The World’s First Hotel Staffed By Robots?

Source: Dailytech

Mechanic yet somehow human could be a phrase that in few words truly may describe the role robots are playing nowadays in our society. The worst nightmare for some, and a game changer advancement for others. In any case, they’re inevitably evolving and growing on Earth as if we were talking about another natural specie directly born from our ecosystem.

Robots are doing all kind of tasks, from painting artworks in museums or down the street to saving lives printing 3D human skin or serving as backpacked artificial hearts. In fact, no matter whether we want to accept it or not, even our cell phones or daily vehicles are starting to turn more into very smart, programed robot machines.

Source: The Japan Times

Now, what happens when technology mix up with wandering around the world? I mean, we have always heard that about excess of everything is bad, though, no matter what they say, if something could be the exception in that proverbe that definitely could be to travel endlessly.

The Henn-na Hotel: being hosted by robots in a low cost budget

So as much as the high amount of robots in the planet, there’s plenty of people focused in enjoying life by traveling. Often, we have not enough money to do it properly, but we still keep finding ways to take adventures on the neighbor foreign area or the other side of the sea, always helped by technology and apps like Couchsurfing, where people can share a bed or a couch for in exchange of cultural, human interaction, to name but one of my favorites examples.

In this way, a team of Japanese passionate about traveling and futurism did launch the very first robot-staffed hotel in the world, a low budget place to interact and be served by only super cool, smart robots.

The Henn-na Hotel experience consists in surprising you by their versatile AI-programed staff that lodges robotic shapes of all kind: from welcoming dinosaurs at the check-in counter to a friendly egg assistant on your room that helps you managing both your devices and technology in the suite, and which can even give you suggestions of what to do in the city of Nagasaki, where this futuristic place is located.

Robot Hotel
Source: The Japan Times

The truth is, there’s around 9 humans in case something goes wrong with the robots, and also for those sceptics that still would love to give a try the experience but at the same time might be afraid of how bizarre it can get only communicating with machines for serving you — Come on, there’s nothing like the real, human contact at the end.

Robots in disguise: the polemic is served

As any potential, futuristic project, it has some disadvantages to meditate and improve, and surprisingly they have nothing to do yet with the scary fact that there are almost no humans involved in the experience but with the idea of electric consumption.

A hotel where almost is electric energy flowing around because it’s leaded by AI-based machines and robots, some interconnected between them, might sound as a non-earth-friendly concept. However, the hotel is actively working to decrease energy usage and reduce waste, not to mention that their systems are already programed with environmentally friendly features, smart bulbs, etc.

Regarding the prices, the cheapest room is valued in around 130$ per night. Expensive, we could think? For the required maintenance of the technology housed in the bedroom (which we could not probably even be able to afford) is a very friendly cost, in my opinion.

Resultado de imagen para Henn na hotel
Source: Viaje y Viaje

Did you already change your next destination to Japan? Will robots make you feel comfy or only by reading this it already gives you goosebumps? Just get ready for stuff like being treated for a robotic arm that will store your luggage for you at the cloakroom and more surprises of that kind. Reserve your staying here.