Porsche’s Mission E: Finally A Real Competitor For Tesla’s Electric Cars?

Source: Porsche

Speaking truthfully, the Tesla’s CEO has known how to keep the crowd’s attention, at least in matter of electric cars. In fact, there have been no real competitor for the automotive company leaded by Elon Musk so far, above all because when car companies dares to speak about a new electric vehicle nowadays, they only show exciting concepts that rest forgotten there: in the imaginary.

Often it’s sad because we, the real car lovers, are expecting more from those companies, highlighting the fact that the concept proposals, although at times a little bit utopics, are mostly great, original and revolutionary suggestions for worldwide transportation overall.


Tribute to tomorrow. Porsche Concept Study Mission E. | Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Source: Porsche

So once again, as hope is the last thing to lose, the old but classic sport utility vehicle brand Porsche just launched his own concept of how the car of tomorrow could be if you chose them to take the transportation experience to the next level, and the name of the betting nave is Mission E.

Porsche’s Mission E to beat Tesla’s without “getting their hands dirty”

So it seems that finally someone, in this case Porsche’s boss Oliver Blume, has dropped some details about a car that should perk up the ears not only of EV and sports car fans, but the king of electric transportation, Elon Musk. Indeed, the Mission E is an electric concept vehicle that Porsche is now sculpting at detail, but the previews are already astonishing.

The design, with the Porsche brilliant DNA we already know, hides on the inside a beautiful machine that in resume goes from compact electric motors, no combustion engine and no exhaust system, to no transmission tunnel. Literally, an electrifying future hand in hand by the classy brand.

Tribute to tomorrow. Porsche Concept Study Mission E Tesla. | Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Source: Porsche

Beyond being a car that would seem designed by a team of aliens because of its shocking beauty, in technique terms, the team focused in two things: imparting a lighter, more generously proportioned ambient feeling within the vehicle, combined with features like 3D eye tracking for controlling the menu navigator to mention but one, and the gas or fuel independence, replacing them with electricity, the popular earth-friendly combustible to bet among not only car companies but technology experts overall.

But the question of the million dollars: how do they recharge? And here’s where, if the Porsche’s dream comes true, could start being a nightmare for Tesla. The Mission E proposes a no cable, no plug, and no “getting your hands dirty,” fully automatic recharging system over a base plate in your garage. A low blow for Tesla’s millions invested in charging stations.

It’s worthwhile the wait for 2019’s Mission E Porsche?

Sadly, there’s no other option than waiting for 2019 to see if the Porsche’s project comes true. Nevertheless, time enough for Tesla to reinvent and probably surprise us with something awesome in the same field. Have you ever wondered why no one can beat the Elon Musk empire of electric transportation so far?

Source: Jaguar

Of course there’s no obvious answer for that question, though, in my opinion it’s just because Tesla had the idea first and then developed it in a quick, efficient way. Once again, is worth to remark there are a lot of incredible ideas spreading everywhere, like the Jaguar’s E-type Zero SUV, which is the most beautiful electric car so far for me because of the combination of a futuristic fuel in the same vintage, classic design we all love.

In any case, rumors state the Porsche’s Mission E will cost around $85.000, a modic amount of money compared to, for example, the Tesla S model. What surprises will bring Tesla to keep ruling the world of electric vehicles? Do we finally have a real competitor for Musk’s car company? 2019 is just around the corner.