Tesla Selling Model S and Model X at up to $30,000 Off: What’s the Catch?

Many drivers in the United States who are interested in electric cars tend to turn their eyes to Tesla. The ones who have yet to jump onto electric car joyride may now have a great chance to do just that if the expenses were too high before.

According to a report from Tesla Motors Club, Tesla offering potential buyers to purchase cars on the cheap. We understand the company emailed interested drivers just a few days ago, offering them the option to buy cars from the showroom. This is a big deal because showroom vehicles tend to go for an inexpensive price when they are on sale.

Source: Tesla

Here’s snippet of what Tesla had to say via the released email

“We are offering showroom incentives up to $30,000 off the original configuration price. This means you can lease Model S P100D for $1,500/month and Model X P100D for $1,600/month with 10,000 miles per year. Alternatively we are offering .99% APR financing or a cash purchase with the discount. These incentives are available for deliveries by September 30th 2017.”

To make things even more enticing, the Tesla has reintroduced its Referral Program where consumers will receive $1,000 towards the purchase for a new Model S, or a Model X along with Unlimited Supercharging free of charge.

Why is Tesla selling showroom cars?

Tesla has managed to turn around the auto industry in the United States, but despite that, investors are not entirely sold. They are more interested in a number of cars the auto company can deliver each quarter within a year. Therefore, the reason for doing this has everything to do with boosting sales and pushing more cars in the driveway of consumers.

The need to boost sales is one of the primary reasons for the creation of the Model 3. This electric car is probably the more cost effective as the price begins at $35,000 before incentives. It all boils down to whether or not Tesla can keep up with demand by manufacturing the right amount each year.

Source: Tesla

Cracks in this plan are showing their ugly head already since recent reports have claimed that Tesla employees for the past few weeks have been turning consumers want to buy the Model 3, to the Model S. Apparently, some Model 3 orders might not be fulfilled until the year 2020.

At the end of the day, what Tesla is doing here by selling showroom models at up to $30,000 off is ideal for first-time buyers. If you’re really looking to grab yourself a new car, then take advantage of what’s on offer before stocks are depleted.