‘2 Player Games Free’ Gets Gaming Off the Internet and Back in the Home

The 1980’s were the heyday of video games and back then you had a console set up to the television set; color if you were lucky. Playing with a friend involved having two controllers while the two of you stared at the TV and battled it out with gun-slinging stick figures.

After a couple of decades of an evolving gaming scene, the graphics went from pixels to 8-bit, then 16-bit and eventually 3D but the way we played with friends did not change. We were almost into the 21st century and we were still forced to sit in the same room, but it had evolved to 4 players.

With the coming of the internet, so did the arrival of online multiplayer and so began the computer gaming revolution that caused consoles to struggle to maintain their audience. Eventually, video game consoles themselves began implementing online play with the help of broadband and wifi.

With the internet being such a big part of our lives, people are looking to “disconnect” and become more sociable. A new app at the forefront of this is called 2 Player Games Free from a company actually called 2 Player Games.

Source: 2 Player Games

A new app that gets people laughing and touching again

The name of both the company and the app could be better, but what they offer is both revolutionary and simple at the same time. There is zero connectivity with this game other than the ads that require the internet to view.

2 Player Games Free is a collection of games in a single app that can be played on one screen (either tablet or smartphone) by up to 6 players. You can go into settings and make all the games 1 player or make them all 6.

There are 27 multiplayer games across 5 categories: very simple, skill, logic & strategy, attention & reaction, and memory. The bulk of these games play like brain games that really challenge your problem solving skills, ability to recall past shapes, and how you see passing colors.

The language of the app can be changed in setting to over 50 different countries making it useable for just about anyone in the world. This shows that they intended for this game to be used on a wide spectrum of people and it has; over 1 million downloads so far with 4.2 stars.

The games themselves range from fairly self-explanatory like car racing to something a little more complex like a grid of jumbled numbers in varying colors that you must tap in ascending order. Another game I personally enjoyed was called Chameleon in which you prompt your lizard head to swallow flies; more flies than your competitor in one minute.

Let’s all join together and play at my house

2 Player Games Free ends up being a little physical when you don’t expect it to be. During some of the games where you tap colored dots, you’ll find yourself bumping fingers with your friend, spouse, or maybe a houseguest you just met on this game night.

This is a fairly new concept and in the past year we have seen things like this becoming more prevalent like the giant 27” tablets being released by Lenova and LG. These paired with 2 player apps could make for an entirely new level of gaming.

Who knows, perhaps in the next 5 to 10 years internet gaming might be the ones struggling because people are gathering in their homes to snack and chat while they play together. Or maybe we’ll have cafes focused on this new era of gaming where people meet for blind dates or just to physically socialize while their phones stay silent.

Available now on iOS here Android OS here.