Xbox One X is a Beast, But Nobody Seems That Interested

Upon its initial release in 2001, Microsoft’s Xbox was destined for success considering it aimed to thrust itself into the console wars already being waged by Sony and Nintendo. With the newly deceased Sega Dreamcast, Bill Gates was eager to fill the void with his revolutionary first console.

The Xbox was a phenomenal success and soon was on par with the Playstation 2, then became a direct competitor with Playstation 3 with it’s technology powerhouse known as the Xbox 360. The two consoles battled it out for many years as they released pretty much the same library.

Just three short years ago we were once again brought the next generation of console gaming with the release of Playstation 4 and the Xbox One; really no rhyme or reason to the numbered console. Xbox had truly evolved by offering more than just a gaming system in the form of a total entertainment package.

Xbox One has had a number of different versions of their newest console that differ in memory space, skins, and operating power. The newest was announced this past June at E3 by Project Scorpio and is called the Xbox One X.

The most powerful Xbox to date

The console itself becomes available on November 7th in North America and offers a full terabyte of storage, 4K resolution, and 6 teraflop GPU. Microsoft has announced that in addition to the console, there will also be around one hundred games released that utilize the updated resolution.

As for specific games, Microsoft announced a new Jurassic World game that centers around building your own dinosaur park in a SimCity like fashion. Aside from this brand new game, the only other games that benefit from the new specs are reissues and ports that do little to stroke the imagination.

It was also quickly noted that the new Xbox One X will have VR support, much like Playstation’s virtual reality headset that’s currently getting high marks from critics and consumers alike. This could mean that an Xbox VR set could be on the horizon.

All this sounds great until Microsoft gets to the climax of their big reveal; the price. At a whopping $499, it doubles the price of even the Xbox One S which has 4K capabilities as well, plus 500 gigabytes of space and built in blu-ray player.

Why buy?

You have to think that if the Xbox One X was really all that impressive and revolutionary, then Microsoft would have made it there next console instead of a upgraded version of their last one. They would have announced it with a new name and a slew of impressive new video games to showcase the incredible new console.

The fans realize this as well and that is obvious when you see that internet hype for the console has died down and nobody seems all that excited anymore. When I looked online, the general consensus among fans is that it is a lot of money for the same thing as before.

The most stifling part of the “new” console is that in order to really get your money’s worth, then you also better have the best TV on the market as well or you’ll see no difference. It reminds me of when the 3D television came out and was talked about for awhile, then it wasn’t.

If Microsoft wants this polished version of their best-seller to succeed, then they’re going to need a lot of original titles that fully take advantage of the Xbox One X’s power. It will be interesting to see what releases alongside the console in November.