AirDog Makes Last Call for ADII Drone Model

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of what AirDog’s ADII drone has to offer. With specs like an upgraded AirLeash, customizable flight paths, an enhanced gimbal system and more, the second-gen extreme sports drone has really made a splash among enthusiasts. Now as the Kickstarter campaign is near the end, it’s essentially last call for anyone who wants in on this deal before its gone.

The campaign’s impact so far

AirDog was very dedicated to using the same medium for the newer model as they did when they launched the original AirDog 1, mostly in order to cater to their original backers and supporters as a way of showing their own dedication and loyalty. As the campaign has gone on over the past few weeks, the ADII has raised over $236,000 – that’s 94% to goal! Considering the packages AirDog is offering to contributors (which are honestly quite a steal), these last few days could very well see the campaign meet its goal just in time.

When the Kickstarter campaign launched, AirDog’s support from the sports enthusiasts that helped them launch their original drone came out in droves to check out the ADII. Only a few days into the campaign, the company had already hit the $55,000 mark. As time has gone on, we saw a few big bumps in contributions throughout the life of the campaign as well. That being said, we have complete confidence in AirDog meeting their goal of $250,000 in the next few days.

Rewards for supporters of the ADII

When supporters pledge an amount to the campaign, they can choose between the different reward packages AirDog has put together. A lot of the packages are already unavailable due to contributors claiming them (there’s a limit people – if you snooze, you lose), but there are still some awesome rewards left to claim.

Most of the reward packages include one or two ADII models, depending on how much you pledge to the campaign. The lowest one available is the $1,099 Friends and Family package, and pledge amounts can go all the way up to the $4,750 Partners Set package that includes 5 ADII models. When you consider the model costs $1,500 retail, these are really great deals for anyone who wants to own “the drone designed with extreme sports in mind,” according to The rewards are expected to begin shipping this month through the beginning of the holiday season.

As of yesterday, you can also refer a friend to the campaign and get the ADII for only $950. For those who want to pledge their support, but cannot give $1,099 or above, you can also make a pledge without a reward by donating any desired amount to the campaign.

Why contribute to this campaign?

AirDog has spent a lot of time and energy perfecting what they had already accomplished – a drone made specifically for extreme sports enthusiasts that allows them to participate in their favorite activities while utilizing technology to enhance their experience. The ADII, unlike the AirDog 1, is a completely hands-free device that enables any athlete to enjoy what they’re doing, and also capture every move using the latest in drone innovation.

By contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, you are not only able to help bring this project to life, but you are also a part of a passion that has been in the making for years. This drone is revolutionary in its design and capabilities. It has the potential to be the new face of extreme sports. We’ve already seen the impact with the AirDog 1, but the ADII definitely brings more to the table. The days to contribute are coming to a close, then you’ll have to get in line behind everyone else. Check out the campaign and get your new drone now.