Diverse Ways to Protect and Spoil Your Dog Through Tech

Pet owners are looked at in many ways that goes beyond simply by saying an individual takes care of their pet properly or that an individual does the opposite.  Over the years, I have seen pets being treated as one of the family, which there is nothing wrong than that, while others appear to go overboard by dressing their dog up in human garments or creating a luxurious palace for that cat.  Nevertheless, it is the true sign of love when an individual or family will treat their pet as a member of the family, so spoiling your family member is only natural.  Now comes the part where if you’re going to spoil and make sure your pet (in this case a dog) is safe, why not do it with the latest and greatest tech for pets?

The fact that there are tech products out there in which the target audience involves pets and those who own one has not escaped my knowledge; however, the amount of money that this type of industry takes in is mind boggling to me!  Apparently, the pet industry is so lucrative that back in 2014, the industry of pet tech reached a value of $837.6 million; can you imagine what it is valued at today!?!? 

Regardless of what the value is, customers are surfing the web for products that are dog wearables, assist in feeding your dog when no one is around, making sure your pet is safe while staying healthy and much more.  Today’s conversation will look at some of best and most popular tech available for pet owners to show how much they love their dogs.

Bring Out the Automatic Pet Feeder

Parents who know they will not be home when their child gets home from school might set up a system where, if their child is usually hungry when he/she gets home, snacks will be kept in a specific place if there is a need to satisfy a food craving.  When it comes to dogs, your average one will be unable to go into the pantry to get something to eat; although, I have heard stories on how creative a dog can be when it comes to fulfill a food craving.  Well, the ICOCO 5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder is a dog’s dream come true in being to get access to something to eat without anyone being home or having to ransack the house to be able to find something to eat. 

This piece of tech-elegance can be programmed to dispense up to three specific meal-times a day as well as serving portions of dog food from a quarter of a cup to three cups.  The unit comes with a big LCD screen that shows meals served, the time at present, meal sizes and meals programmed while having the ability to record your voice so that when a meal is being served, the dog will hear you saying it is time to eat; how awesome is that!?  Though the unit is usually priced at $75, Amazon is currently selling it for $68.99.

Lo-Jack Your Pet with the Apsung Smart Pet Locator

One solution pet owners are trying to make sure their pet doesn’t get lost is to have a tiny microchip implanted in the pet so it can easily be tracked and located.  Another option would be to use the Apsung Smart Pet Locator that has recently been created to locate your pet easily and quickly.  The unit has many locator features to make sure your dog is safe and once you download the app Nut, just tap a button for the finder to sound off very loudly (app can be downloaded from the iTunes or Google Play stores). 

Also, the app contains an app that will help track down your lost dog within Bluetooth range and the app includes a lost-and-found network that offers assistance from millions of people who use the Nut app to help retrieve your dog.  The device is lightweight and super-thin that contains a battery that can be replaced; it lasts 6 to 8 months when used normally or one year if left on standby.  The device is normally $30 but currently is priced at $19.99 on Amazon.

The Fitbit for Dogs is Petalways Activity Monitor

Now here is a product for any dog owner who wished someone would invent a Fitbit activity tracker for dogs.  This achievement in tech, Petalways Activity Monitor for Dogs, monitors your dog’s health and is a must-buy for anyone who is truly concerned about the health of man’s and woman’s best friend.  The smart e-pendant easily attaches to the collar of your dog, which has been specifically designed for pets to use.  Just like your average health trackers for people, this activity monitor will keep track of your dog’s sleep times, calories burned, activity duration, steps taken and more.  The unit allows your dog to easily be seen when it is dark as it contains three lighting modes that you can pick from. 

There are other features to the device in which you can access through the Petalways app that can be downloaded through the Google Play or iTunes store.  Once you have paired your smart phone with the e-pendant, you can then access the features the monitor offers.  The monitor is normally priced at $38 but Amazon is currently selling it for $19.99.

There are More Products if You Know Where to Look

Although I am stopping at three tech product ideas for spoiling and protecting your dog, the good news is there are plenty of other products available in the pet-tech industry if you know where to look.  One place would be to go to Amazon to see what they offer and at what price considering the three devices I mentioned are priced lower there than at retail.  Another suggestion is to head over to Digital Trends online as the products we discussed are mentioned in there plus others we did not discuss; anyone who is interested in reading the article can go here

People who own pets treat them in many ways which includes treating them as part of the family.  The ability of tech to advance in areas for humans and animals seem to be constantly reaching higher and higher as the years go by.  So, if you are a pet lover and really want to ensure the longevity of your best friend; fortunately, the pet-tech industry is still booming and creating a variety of ways to make your pet safe at affordable prices.