Amazon Paying Consumers to Post Content on Spark

A new social network is here in the form of Spark. It’s an e-commerce focused social network designed by the folks at Amazon. The app in its current form is best described as a blend between Instagram and Pinterest.

The service wants its users to share videos and images along with following posts created by other people. The problem is, that’s all easier said than done since Spark is finding it difficult to gain a steady following, and that’s an issue for Amazon.

Paying influencers and publishers

To get the boost the service needs, Amazon has decided to pay social media influencers and publishers to post content on Spark. It’s not a bad move seeing as most users on the web are already a part of multiple social networks. Getting them to join and consistently use Spark won’t be easy, yet not impossible.

Folks who have been invited to give the platform a test drive have been asked to promote products from Amazon on Spark via their posts. These users are usually people with a strong following on other social media platforms. If they can get their fans and followers to join them on Spark, then that’s a plus for the retail giant.

How do publishers get paid

Publishers are not paid based on the number of advertised products sold, similar to Amazon Associates platform. In fact, the retail giant is paying publishers a flat fee per a set amount of posts published on a daily basis. Additionally, publishers have complete creative control and advertise which ever products they feel comfortable with.

At the end of the day, Amazon is expected to move to a commission model as a flat fee is not beneficial in the long term. For now, it’s all about getting Spark on the map, and once that has been accomplished, the company will likely do away with flat fees.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, publishers have declined to talk about the amount of money they have made Spark thus far. This is due to non-disclosure agreements signed with Amazon, so interested parties might not know what’s going on until Spark is more of a mainstream social network.

Amazon ready to compete with YouTube

Spark is just one of the many ways Amazon is attempting to make a name for itself in the social media space. The company is also looking into the means to compete in the online video market with its Amazon Video Direct service. It’s a product designed to compete with YouTube, and so far, Amazon has courted several producers to deliver quality content.

Facebook is also doing same, which means the social media video market in the future is going to e quite crowded.