Latest ‘Minecraft’ Update Adds 1080p Support for Nintendo Switch

When Mojang launched “Minecraft” for the Nintendo Switch, the game failed to perform at 1080p when docked. It ran at the same 720p resolution both docked and while mobile, which was quite surprising to many fans.

However, it seems as if the Nintendo Switch hardware is not at fault here since Microsoft released a patch for the game recently that manages to boost the resolution to full 1080p when docked. When the device is mobile, the game still performs at 720p, but this is to be expected since the screen isn’t capable of rendering content beyond 720p resolutions.

Ever since the release of the new Nintendo device, it’s been clear the product posses the means to render video games at 1080p, but not all them. Minecraft is merely the latest, though one of the most important.

Other changes to the game

The Switch version of “Minecraft” was lacking several neat features found in versions on other platforms. For example, folks playing the title on the Switch never came across a canyon, but this has since changed in the latest update. Furthermore, Biome Settles 2 skin pack are here as well, along with the ability to milk cows in Creative Mode.

Full disclosure, milking cows has always been a feature, but a previous update broke the feature. It’s back now, however, so gamers can go ahead and milk as many cows as they want to.

Here’s a list of some of the added features and fixes:

•Added Canyon, a free Glide track.
•Added Biome Settlers 2 Skin pack.
•Added Terracotta and Glazed Terracotta layers to Tumble.
•Enable 1080p display when placed in the Nintendo Switch Dock.
•Improved performance in Solo Glide when restarting the level (particularly with split-screen spectators).
•Totem of Undying now also applies Fire Resistance II.
•Fixed some areas where it was possible to escape from Battle maps or Glide tracks.
•Fixed a bug where players were unable to milk a Cow in Creative Mode.
•Fixed a bug where players were being teleported back to the Nether portal shortly after arriving in the other dimension.
•Fixed a bug where broken Banners wouldn’t stack with crafted Banners.
•Fixed a bug where Wheat, Ladders, and Banners were not correctly spawning in Woodland Mansions.
•Fixed a bug where Monster Spawners in Woodland Mansions were Pigs instead of Spiders.
•Fixed a bug where the Item Frame icon appeared when holding a Map.
•Fixed an incorrect death message when players were killed by Zombie Villagers.
•Fix for custom names of Mobs not being shown in death messages.
•Fix for being unable to unlock “Sniper Duel”.
•Fix for being unable to unlock “Camouflage”.
•Fix for MCCE #5183 – Player can kill a tamed Parrot with PvP disabled.
•Fix for MCCE #5062 – Farmer Villagers only plant one seed after harvesting a whole crop of seeds from a field.

Better Together Update

At E3 2017, Microsoft spoke of some exciting changes coming to Minecraft for the Xbox One, PC, and Switch. It’s called the Better Together Update, and it promises to bring improved graphics and in-game servers to the supported platforms.

A 4K updating is also on the cards, but this is only coming to the Xbox One X. The PlayStation 4 is the only platform not found on the list, and this is due in part to Sony refusing to accept Microsoft’s Xbox Live terms.