8 Ways Modern Technology Can Help Change the World

The business world has changed by leaps and bounds over the past few years. The market for Java development India has come up with upgradations to keep pace with the tidal wave of growth. Technology has ideally changed the way a business operates in numerous ways. The article focuses on the various technologies that have brought about these changes.

1. Mobile Solutions

Your smart phone is a power house of info today. So much is the influence of mobile that Google was instigated to change algorithms to rank websites that makes your web browsing easier. Today younger crowd use mobile to purchase, sell, shop, locate and share their businesses experiences with not just with social group but also with strangers.

2. Cloud Computing

This technology has enabled the businesses to move their data to third-party servers via internet leading to rapid expansion and business mobility without fear of permanent data loss.

3. Customer Segmentation

With this huge data bank flowing, it has become easier to know customer’s needs. With the help of analytics services, you can target more refined group for making million of bucks; these in-depth services helps you to channelize your approach for increased conversions.

4. Connectivity through Mobile Technology

Technology has eased the way we get in touch with our coworkers via text message, WhatsApp or video in no notice. The mobile technology has merged impeccably with communication software applications to create relevant information.

5. Reduced Cost and Growing Functionality

Firstly, the software and hardware collaboration offer software solutions that is quite affordable. Secondly, entrepreneurial minds exploring these crumbling barriers have multiplied manifold. Starting a company which used to take a years’ time can happen in few weeks’ time now.

6. Change in Consumer Base

Millennial today have changed the US economy, as a whole. In three years’ time, it has covered half of the US workforce. This wired generation is responsible for compelling the business to become more tech-savvy.

7. Social Impact

The upsurge of social networking sites has completely shrunk the world removing geographical barriers, financial backgrounds, or social status. Years back you probably were okay with not so okay customer service whereas today hateful outburst on Facebook pages or review sites like Yelp is enough to black mark them.

8. Decreased Downtime

Every technological upgradation has come up with some downsides. Even a yearly vacation is a rare phenomenon now. You always have to access emails, text messages via tablet and even if you want to escape from all this once in a blue moon, you cannot get away from the temptation of “check in” and ‘check out’ at Facebook.


Regardless of how you adopt this advancement, the rapid technology transformation especially in Java development India isn’t going to mellow down so soon. Small conventional businesses will be out of league while the tech savvy ones will get benefitted in the long run. You have to use technology that can help your business improve and inculcate the best practices for your advantage. As technology changes, so will the business scenario in India.