Porcelain Has Been Around For Centuries And This Company Got it Right

I have to admit it, striking a balance between beauty, durability, safety, and practicality can be a hard endeavor especially in the cutlery industry. Many companies can’t promote all four aspects that many people look for.

But, about the year 1300 AD, the Chinese created Porcelain Bowls. This material is made from a particular type of clay that when heated, hardens to the beautiful white almost glass-like material.

But, over the centuries people have evolved from the traditional Chinese porcelain as technology advances. I especially like DOWAN 17oz Porcelain Bowls. They took a lot of scientific measures ensure they get beauty, durability safety and practically spot on. Let me explain how they manage to do this.


With porcelain, beauty is almost eminent. Very few companies get it wrong while using porcelain. I mean, it’s a whitish glass material you have to actually try hard to get wrong. But, DOWAN 17oz Porcelain bowls had a much better approach when it came to their beauty aspect.

They kept it simple. Simplicity in many cases is overlooked for more radical designs. With these different designs over the top designs, many people compromise on the second aspect, practicality.


Porcelain Bowls

I don’t want something that just looks good, I want something that I can actually use. Most bowls are either round or square. With square bowls, the edges make them susceptible to breaking or chipping with every knock or drop thus losing the durability aspect of the bowl.

With round containers, they have a large surface area, adding to their practicality, but the lack of edges makes them lack grip and hence easy to drop, leading to reduction of their durability. DOWAN Porcelain Bowls took a different approach. They combined the two shapes to create square-circular bowls.

What this does is the square edges aren’t completely square, hence they are not too susceptible to chipping while giving you an area to hold. The circular nature ensures that the small bowl has the maximum surface area to contain the optimum amount of matter for its size.

With this unique design, DOWAN Porcelain Bowls went a foot further and created a relatively flat bottom. This makes the bowl incredibly stable, hence more practical.

Durability and safety of the Porcelain Bowls

These two elements go hand in hand. In porcelain bowl developmental stages, they are opposites. Let me explain. Porcelain is made from burning clay. When clay is heated, it produces high levels of lead and cadmium, two of the most dangerous metals on the planet.

Lead has been known to cause slow growth or retardants in children. While cadmium is one of the substrates in cigarettes and thought to be the primary substance that causes throat and lung cancer.

But, here comes the conundrum to make porcelain super hard and durable as you must burn and heat it for a long time.

The more you burn it, the higher the levels of lead and Cadmium are retained in the porcelain. These metals are released into the food when placed in the bowl, especially if the food is hot.

But if you want to maintain the safety of the bowls, then many companies decide just to heat the clay just enough for it to form porcelain and have minimum levels of lead and Cadmium. Hence increasing it’s safe while reducing the bowls durability as the longer you burn the clay, the harder they become.

DOWAN has devised a nifty little bit of technology and coated the porcelain with a colorless unreactive material. This has allowed the company to properly heat the bowls and then cover the bowl with the material without compromising on the safety or durability.

The coat is shiny and slippery, making DOWAN Porcelain Bowls easy to clean and beautiful to look at.

My verdict

I love eating in such bowls the thick materials ensures I don’t burn myself when I serve hot food and they are incredibly easy to wash. Furthermore, they are durable and safe. I have come to really like DOWAN Porcelain Bowls as they help me to appreciate the attention to detail.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% ours.