Kicking if Off on Kickstarter: MBOX Insect Killer 2Ge

QM Limited has launched Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for the mosquito box.

The MBOX Insect killer 2Ge campaign can be found at

Their main reason for developing the mosquito box has been started from a tragic story, a story that turned into a dream to be able to protect the people from mosquito diseases. With their population increasing and with more and more people living in dense urbanized environments, the effective indoor mosquito traps are all out-dated.

So they went back to the drawing board, incorporated research and innovations from the last few years to develop the new generation of smart mosquito traps that are both Eco-friendly and low-power usage to fit in the current society.

Their mission and their wish are to protect people from mosquito borne diseases and help people that have caught these terrible diseases. Their Company QM Limited has a long history of fighting against mosquitos in Hong Kong and they are proven to develop effective traps. But this is only their first step, now when they have the solution they would like to go world-wide. They will invest a part of their profit to help the research and the fight against mosquitoes; they are planning to work with governments to place new traps to protect their citizens.

But this is a fight, they cannot fight alone.

Jacky Choy, an executive from QM limited explained how the funds will be used in details. As part of their mission is that they will return a part of their investment. They will invest in research & development institutes that help the fight against mosquitos. They will also provide products & methods to areas that need mosquito control the most. They believe that when people are supporting them, it is not only helping them to get rid of mosquitos but they will also be helping humanity rid of these mosquito pests.

Brian Lamsee, one of their close friends that have had a tragedy happen on his vacation with his grandson. Afterwards he had a Dream and a Purpose. Please check it here:

Mosquito borne disease keep mutating and who knows when a new one will appear. Mosquitoes are already the world deadliest animal that kills over 750.000 people a year (Gates Notes). Even though they can continue the road they have walked in the past, but time is something they cannot fight and only with more help they can accomplish this fight and give their children a safer world.

The Trapping Methods

Their Mosquito Box uses a combination of methods to specifically lure female mosquitos (the ones that bite) into their traps.

Photo-catalysis effect (Tio2 -> co2/h2o)

Female mosquitos track humans mainly by tracing their Co2 and H2o. They can track us up to 50 meters and follow the Co2 back to the place of origin. Using a special 360 degrees CCFL/UV light that can last up to 40.000+ hours and uses up to 66% less power. The UV lights up a surface coated with Tio2 to enable the process below to lure mosquitos in the vicinity.

USB 3.0 (Quick Charge) / (Heat Generation)

They have incorporated a USB 3.0 to easily recharge users’ Phone. They have thought of many ways in increasing the heat generation of the Mosquito Box to attract mosquitos but many would incorporate wasting energy to generate heat. By turning the Mosquito Box into a USB Quick Charger, Enables the Mosquito Box to generate extra heat without wasting energy.

Mosquito Sight (Mirror Surface) (Black Color Design)

After researching for a long time and reading in specific detail, they came to a solution that mosquitos are attracted to dark colors. Testing with different colors they noticed that mosquitos prefer the color black over any other.

Spectral Attraction (CCFL/UV Color)

From research around the world they can confirm that a lot of insect and specifically mosquitos are attracted to certain spectral wavelengths. By making their CCFL light a 360 degrees it will increase the attraction.

Mosquitos Capturing

The MBOX has integrated a fan for two purposes. The fan acts as a suction to suck in mosquitos that are close to the device, since mosquitoes are weak fliers they can be easily sucked in. As for the second function it makes sure that the co2/h2o that is generated can be spread to lure mosquitos to the device.

The Mosquito Box Usage

The MBOX is a specialized device that lures in mosquitos and is able to offer an alternative for the mosquito, when there are no options available for the mosquito to bite like in the living room or bed room it will be attracted to the trap and captured. The most important aspect is that one has to keep the trap on when there are no alternatives for mosquitos to guarantee a 100% capture.

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