AirHelp App Helps Get You Compensated for Airline Abuse

Everybody loves to travel, or at least the idea of traveling, not because of the actual transportation aspect but because the anticipation of a new destination. Seeing new places, trying new food, and meeting new people is just enticing to human beings.

Unfortunately, in order to travel abroad you are forced to go to the airport which is rife with pointless waiting and stressful interrogations. Then, there’s boarding the plane which can put you on edge with all the potential problems that entails.

When you choose to fly, there is always a risk of delays or cancelled flights. If you’re in a field where you’re always working, such as a stockbroker or a therapist, then it can seriously damage your livelihood. Then there’s the risk of damaged or lost bags which has the potential to ruin your entire year; depending on what’s in your Samsonite.

There’s an app to help us with just about anything and now there’s one for these problems as well. AirHelp is a new app that cannot prevent these troubles, but it can get you proper compensation for wasting your time, losing your bags, and even ruining your vacation.

Time is money

Since its launch in 2013, AirHelp has awarded $195 million dollars in compensation to its customers and is available in 30 countries and supports fifteen different languages. It works less like insurance and more like a grievance in that you pay a percentage for their services rather than gamble with a pre-paid amount.

If you find yourself feeling abused or taken advantage of by the airlines, then you can file a claim on a variety of issues. These issues include delayed (or cancelled) flights, luggage problems, boarding denial, and personal injury; though, there are limitations.

Flights that are delayed for over three hours because of avoidable circumstances such as technical issues or scheduling can be compensated for up to $680. Cancelled flights, however, can be rewarded the same monetary amount if the passenger is not informed within 2 weeks of the cancellation.

Lost, damaged, or late luggage reported within 48 hours of your arrival may also be subject to cash compensation if the problem occurs because of airline negligence. But, like all AirHelp claims, this is dependent on the laws of your particular location.

Most recently, the most annoying problem with flying is the airlines giving your seat away. AirHelp knows this and will get you compensation if you are unable to board your flight because of overbooking. Again, this can net you $680 which is much more enticing than a food voucher.

Lastly, personal injury is a rare, but possible, occurrence on a flight and could happen during turbulence, landing, or even at the hands of an overzealous flight attendant. These claims must be filed within 2 years of flying, but are covered in 119 countries by the Montreal Convention.

If you experience any of these issues, you can simple use the apps scanning feature to snap pics of multiple boarding passes and your information will automatically be entered into most of the fields, making this process much faster than expected. so much more than a refund

Though AirHelp’s focus is to right the wrongs and get passengers what they truly deserve, their website can be an invaluable tool for customers of both airlines and airports. offers a variety of services in addition to a blog helping you with current air travel issues such as the British Airways strike.

One great area of the site is a detailed section on the best places to work in a variety of airports. For people working on the go, this is great because you can learn all the best places to work in peace or even Skype with coworkers with nearly nobody else around.

Another great features is the “AirHelp Score” tab which acts like a Yelp! for airports and airlines. If you find yourself torn between a variety of airlines for the same price, then you can simply check scores and see what your best option is.

The AirHelp app will be a great addition to your air traveling arsenal and it’s available for iOs and Android

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