SORBO the Ideal Outdoor Mosquito Killer Lamp

Mosquitoes are probably the most dangerous and irritating insects and probably animals in the world. Let its size not full you Mosquitoes are the number one killers every year with over one million deaths.

WHO even went as far as stating that every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria. In fact, malaria is just one of the diseases that are spread by mosquitoes. Though the others are less prevalent, they are just as dangerous

But luckily spread of these diseases is not possible without mosquitoes. Therefore, if you control the insect, you control the conditions. This prevention measure is so much better because there are no chemicals involved.

How to control mosquitoes using the SORBO Mosquito Killer Lamp

Mosquito Killer Lamp

Light, the insect is tremendously attracted to it. There are many theories why this is so, with the most convincing stating that insects are biologically built to fly towards the light. And that light is somewhat their compass.

During their evolution, the moon and the moon was their directional focal point and using it to navigate. But with so many human-made lamps nocturnal insect get disillusioned and focus on the close by light.

This is why the SORBO Mosquito Killer Lamp is so effective. Because going toward the light is an evolutionary trait infused in the mosquito. It’s not a habit that they can change; therefore they will always go towards the light where the lamp will incinerate them with electricity.

How the SORBO mosquito lamp killer works

“Attract and kill” is the underlying philosophy employed by this device. It is pretty simple but very effective. The purple like light attracts the mosquito and once it is contacted with the bulb the mesh-like structure around the bulb zaps the mosquito with a high voltage of electricity.

Is this technique safe?

With electricity one of the first questions you will always ask yourself is “is it safe?” this is a valid question because power can easily hurt you if not treated carefully.

The first safety measure that I saw on this mosquito killing lamp is that the entire casing is made of rubber and plastic. This material acts as an insulator and protective covering for the bulb inside the mess.

The Mosquito Killer Lamp bulb is an LED. LED bulbs are much more safety to handle and use far less power. Meaning it would be much harder for an LED bulb to cause any injury.

Due to the significant security measures were taken by SORBO you can use this lamp in the room as you sleep. Plus, it does not have a loud zap sound when it kills the insects, meaning you will not be woken up by the kill.

Is this Mosquito killing lamp waterproof?

Mosquito Killer Lamp

From the overlapping plastic and rubber casing, there is a far lesser chance of water actually entering the mechanical bits of the light. This water resistance features not only makes the device safer it also makes it possible to use it outdoors.

Many campers resort to all kinds of mosquito repellant creams that just smell nasty. Using the lamp helps kill mosquitoes at the campsite.

Plus, since it is waterproof it is quite easy to clean the lamp. After a night of zapping mosquitoes odds are the frame of the lamp will be stained. By cleaning it, you increase its durability and keep it looking good. Plus, you reduce any chances of any germs coming in contact with your hand as you hand the lamp.

Adjustable brightness

One of my biggest problems with many mosquito killing lamps is that the light is really bright. Yes the brighter the light, the easier it is to attract more insects. But this did not allow me to get any sleep. In an entirely dark room having a dim light will still attract the mosquitoes because it is the only light in the room. The adjustable brightness actually made using the lamp in the room while you sleep more practical.

USB researchable

Mosquito Killer Lamp

Ordinary batteries are some of the most insufficient power sources out there. The chemicals inside them quickly become toxic, and they don’t last very long. That is why I found the SORBO lamp quite ingenious.

You can quickly charge it on your computer, and its battery life is quite long since like we mentioned before LED bulbs do not consume a lot of electricity. So odds are even if you go for camping you will not need to recharge the lamp for several nights.

My verdict

The SORBO Mosquito Killer Lamp is an excellent preventive measure for mosquito. The light system puts very efficient at attracting mosquitoes meaning all you have to do it on, and it will do the rest. Its compact size and weight make it convenient to carry from room to room or in your luggage while going camping. I would recommend this mosquito killing lamp.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.