How The Baby Comfy Nail clipper Has Made Cutting Toddler Finger Nails so Much Safer

The majority of first-time mothers get frightened when trimming their kid’s small nails. What if blood oozes out? What if I accidentally injure them and scare them for life? Calm down, Baby Comfy Nail clipper is an excellent nail trimmer that Helps you cut the baby’s nails with ease and reduced risk of injury.

Children have smaller hand and more sensitive finger nails using ordinary clippers may result in injuring the baby.

I came to realize that the bigger problem is not injuring the baby during the actual nail clipping, but using the thicker blade on the adult clippers may cause the baby’s nails to be serrated. This in turn leads to the baby injuring themselves on the face or other babies.

What is the Baby Comfy Nail?

First time I used the Baby Comfy Nail, I will realize that both the action of clipping and its feel was a bit different from the typical nail clipper you usually use. It has this none threatening look that babies are curious about removing the scare of nail clipping many children have.

The science behind the one clip blade

This is perhaps my favorite feature, It has one single top blade with the bottom being made from plastic. This is primarily done to reduce chances of the child getting cut. Plus the little ones nails are so soft the second blade isn’t really needed.

I recommend that when you cut your child’s nails with this baby clipper you start with the nibbles of the infant’s nail and go up to the nail parts that seem larger so that you can find out what works best for you and avoid any injury or simply hurting the baby.

The Baby Comfy Nail clipper one blade design has an added advantage as well. Its bottom edge is meant to hold your child’s skin safely away the blade while cutting the nail. The plastic edge also has a protruding lower ledge that precludes cutting closer to the sensitive area of the nail.

The overall size design

Suffice the clippers edges being quite nimble, the overall size of the nail cutter is relatively big.

This is to allow you to easily hold the cutter, have a great grip and manipulate it around the baby’s nail.

It is evident that cutting an infant’s nails can be scary at times. Babies are wiggly, and they often don’t stay still long enough to have their nails cut. But the shape of this clipper allows you to hold the baby’s nail and cut it with relative ease.

Trim baby nails when they sleep

I Recommend you consider trimming the infant’s nails while asleep. To you I offer this “cheat code”. But make sure that they do not wake up during the clipping or they may be quite frightened.

But I realized with the Baby Comfy Nail clipper It makes less noise during nail cutting, reducing the chances of the baby waking up. It also cuts the nails quite easily reducing further the chances of the baby waking up.

My verdict

I really like the single blade technology employed by this baby clipper. It has solved so many problems in once swift move. It has reduced chances of injuring the baby. It has also helped reduce nail serration  that often led to the baby injuring themselves.

I Feel that the clipper is an added level of hygiene for ant baby. For one it is specifically made for babies therefore odds are it won’t fit anyone else nails. Therefor only the baby can use them. With their tender immune system still in play they need all the help they can get.

Overall, I feel it is a device that every home with a young budding soul should have and you can get yours here.


*This is a sponsored post created for BabyComfy Nail. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.