Rumors Are Flying About Google’s Plan for a New Phone

The rumor mill is at it again about Google’s plans for its upcoming phone.

It is said that it is not going to proceed with the successor to the 5.5 inch Pixel XL. Apparently a new model processing an even bigger screen dubbed Taimen is going to replace the XL iteration.

Google released two Pixel type handsets of which the XL was the better. So it is disappointing to fans who were just getting used to a new brand wave. However, what is clear is that it is targeting the iPhone market and Apple’s market share directly.

Google poaches Apple designer for chip custom design

Apple chip architect Manu Gulati had worked at Apple for eight years and is responsible for designing the chips used for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. Gulati is noted as the inventor for most of the mobile processors and integrated circuitry.

His resume also lists him as part of the chip making team at Broadcom and AMD. At Google, he will probably be developing custom chips for the Pixel range. With the latest Pixel devices, Google is planning to compete with the iPhone producer within the premium market sector, which is why it wants to build its own chips to differentiate the phones from other Android phones that are currently on the market.

This has worked before for Apple in the market. If Google decided to build its own chips it would be a blow to Qualcomm. There is a chance the firm would not utilize custom chips within the upcoming Pixel devices that are to be released in the fall.

Google market strategy targets iPhone users

As such, it is clear that Google was not shy about targeting the Pixel phones in the Apple market, especially now that the similarity may extend to the processors.

It is not completely surprising Google opted for the approach. The Android maker views that the only way to compete with the iPhone is to build its own version.

Last year, there were rumours that Pixel phones may eventually adopt custom processors, though the concern is if it is practical or not. Large players like Huawei, Samsung and Apple are all able to justify in-house processors as they sell millions of devices per quarter.

If the rumors are true, Google is depending on the continued growth of the Pixel line or is willing to adopt the costs of making chips in small quantities.

This custom chip strategy may make the Android partners a bit nervous, though.

They have accepted the fact Google is a hardware competitor to a certain degree, but both Nexus and Pixel phones were utilizing off-the-shelf chips which did not make them stand out that much.

In the event Google is able to give itself performance advantages through custom processors, this would change the state of things. The Pixel line may fare better than Huawei and Samsung, and even have an edge over the snapdragon based phones. This is only in the event that Google can prove its hardware mettle.

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