What Makes the Voltron Camping Knife So Efficient and Superior to Competitors?

“You are just as good as your tools,” is a general camping saying which I have personally proved time and time again. Camping can be really fun, or difficult, depending on the tool at your disposal. Take a camping knife, for instance; you just cannot do without it while camping, but having the wrong one could easily make your camping experience a lot more difficult.

I discovered one of the best camping knives I have come across in the VOLTRON Flipper Folding Knife. The first thing I noticed about the knife is it was quite sharp out of the box. I did not need to sharpen it at all.

This is quite good because you would expect a camping knife made by a company would, in fact, be sharpened out of the box. But for many businesses, this is often not the case and often don’t sharpen the blade well, or it loses its edge lying on the shelf. Either way, it was a pleasant surprise to get this knife so sharp.

Thick blade and slight edge curve

Camping knife

Its blade is quite heavy. Its weight comes in great effect when you want to cut something tough as it reduces the extra effort you would exert. This reduces the chances of any accidents or blisters due to using too much force.

The blade is slightly curved. Again, it is the little details that the manufacturers have put into this knife that makes it so efficient. The slight curve acts as an anchor when you cut through things. It makes for much better handling than a straight knife and reduces the chances of the blade slipping when you are cutting something and injuring you.

Sturdy and broad knife

The blade may have a shorter design, but the blade itself is quite broad. This is the first thing I look at when I buy a knife. A broad blade may be harder to sharpen but when done right, is much sharper.

The best part about having a camping knife with a broad blade is that it stays sharper for longer and this is probably why it was still so sharp when I took it out of the box.
A sharper knife is not only easier to use, but also safer. Any camping experience safety should be top of your list and this knife designed by Voltron helps you achieve that.

Handling of Voltron’s camping knife

I like the soft plastic on the handle of the knife. The soft plastic is great to touch and removes the heavy felt of the knife altogether.

It has smooth grooves; I have seen many camping knives today with deep hand groves and just wonder how easy it is to handle such a blade. It must be really uncomfortable. The grooves should only provide grip and not a jigsaw slot to place your hands on.

The soft grooves help you to manipulate the knife with precise movements easily. This helps you cut through whatever you want at the exact point you want.

camping knife

Belt buckle

The Voltron flipper folding knife has an excellent clip that fits perfectly on your belt. This is great, especially when you are on the move, and you need to access your knife quickly. The clip is quite strong, but what I like about it is that you can quickly detach the knife from the belt.

My verdict

I would recommend this camping knife. It has definitely become one of my favorite camping accessories. Check out the Voltron flipper folding knife on Amazon.

*This is a sponsored post created for Voltron. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.

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