How to Make Your Email Campaign More Effective With the Email Checker

As a digital and content marketer, I understand that email marketing is still one of the most successful online marketing techniques we have today.

It may be categorized as ‘old school’ marketing with many people moving on to social media marketing and other more recent digital marketing techniques.

But, no other marketing technique has the power of an email because you can always advertise to your potential marketer directly to their inbox.

Many sales are not converted in the first try and need re-enforcement marketing to make the deal. Meaning, you can push a few emails and eventually convince the client.

Biggest problem with email marketing

But, the main issue with sending email campaigns is that far too often these emails do not end up in the primary inbox, or worse, the SPAM box. There are many reasons why this may happen.

One reason for this is that too many people are marking your emails as spam. Second, is that your email list contains too many inexistent email addresses resulting in a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate, in turn, gives you a “low email credit power.”

The Email Checker is the best solution for this problem

email checker

People marking your emails as spam has more to do with the kind of content you send out than anything else. You can avoid this by sending out better content and/or what your subscribers want to see.

But with the latter problem, I finally found a solution that has incredibly reduce my email bounce back ratio.

The Email Checker allows me to verify my email list and ensure that I am only sending mail to real addresses. It does this through a series of test that then validates the email address. This program has helped me eliminate one of my biggest problems as an online marketer.

The checker does a bulk check

email checker

With quite an extensive email list and checking each email address individually would be so tedious and would create more problems. But the Email Checker allows you to check your entire list in one swift move.

You can do the bulk check via a CSV, TXT or LSV file. I personally use CSV files just because it is so easy and my email list was already saved in this format. What I liked about this program is that it did not just limit me to CVS even though it is the most common and many people would probably use this. Hey! Having options is good.

Real-time email address checking

email checker

Stopping a problem at the source is a probably the biggest pro the Email Checker has over other programs.

Many programs would ask the user to verify the address in their email. But many Internet users are a lazy lot and would probably not follow through. What this program does is once the user enters the address, it checks if it is real in real time helping you and the user confirm immediately that they put the correct address.

This way, you don’t have to fill your email list with fake addresses from the very start, which is a big plus for any marketer.

Integrates with WordPress

With almost every website I know today using WordPress as their CRM, it is a big plus that this program integrates so well with WordPress.

Your call to action page often determines how efficient your email list building will be. But, for a long time, building a streamlined route from your landing page to the newsletter is usually tedious.

But the email checker can easily integrate with your call to action forms making it easy to set up. Again the integration helps people not to submit the wrong address from the get-go.

My verdict

I am a bit old fashioned with my marketing approach as I do believe in mail marketing. But without a good score, such campaigns are as good as dead. This program can change that for you without using expensive 3rd party servers to play the system.

Check the Email Checker website and get a better feel for what they are all about.

*This is a sponsored article created for Email Checker. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.