Apple’s 2017 WWDC Live Recap

Check out our live feed of WWDC 2017:

12:00pm: Let’s get started with CEO Tim Cook himself. There are some developers in the crowd that deserve some recognition, too. The youngest Apple developer is 12 year old from Australia, and the oldest is “just 82 years old” and published her first app this year.

12:13pm: The lineup: tvOS, watchOS, macOS, iOS

12:14pm: “Same core technology,” Cook says, but “uniquely designed.”

12:15pm: tvOS: Amazon Prime is coming to tvOS “later this year.”

12:16pm: That’s literally all the tvOS news for today, folks! Onward to watchOS!

12:18pm: watchOS 4: Watchfaces have little complications, now they can change dynamically based on time and location — a new Siri watchface. It’s been a year since the last big watchOS update, so this is great news!

12:20pm: Kaleidoscope watchface, “you can rotate the crown and get this kind of trippy effect.”

12:23pm: WatchOS 4 will have high-intensity interval training feature. Not calling it a “triathlon” mode but essentially you can switch from exercise to exercise like you would in a tri mode.

12:25pm: There’s a new music app on the Apple Watch. It will pull in Apple Music mixes automatically so you don’t have to manage it.

12:25pm: That completes the watchOS features. Let’s see macOS now!

12:28pm: Tim Cook, “No one can match the Mac’s deep integration of hardware and software.” Uh, duh.

12:29pm: Craig Federighi is talking macOS. “We wanted to spend this year perfecting” Sierra.

12:30pm: macOS High Sierra – how original!

12:32pm: Some cool points on Safari:

  • “Safari smokes [other browsers] in benchmark after benchmark.”
  • “World’s fastest browser with High Sierra.”
  • Safari will also have “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” to keep ads from following you around the web.
  • Safari using machine learning to identify trackers across sites. Privacy is key to Apple.

12:34pm: Apple Photos! New editing features and allowing for third-party apps to plug in. Sweeet!

12:38pm: New version of Metal for graphics. It’s called Metal 2. Again with the kick-ass names, right?!

12:44pm: John Ternus, the president of hardware engineering talks about the iMac lineup. The iMacs are also getting USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 – graphics cards are “80% faster” on the cheapest model, and discrete graphics cards on all 4K iMacs – 3x faster.

12:52pm: The MacBook and MacBook Pros are getting Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors, faster SSDs on the MacBook, faster graphics on the 15” MacBook Pro, and a $300 price cut for the 13” MacBook Pro.

12:57pm: Sneak peek at the Apple’s iMac Pro. It’s dark grey and beautiful. Ternus promises “workstation class performance”, and the “most powerful Mac ever”: an 8-, 10-, or even 18-core Xeon processor; Radeon Vega graphics; up to 128GB of memory; 4x Thunderbolt 3 and 10GB ethernet. You’ll be able attach two 5K displays to this thing as well as the built-in 5K display.

1:00pm: Tim Cook talks iOS 11

  • Apple Pay:
    • Person-to-person in iMessage. Available on all iOS devices and Apple Watch.
  • Siri
    • Apple used deep learning for Siri’s new voice(s) – and they’re both sassy as ever! Siri can also translate right on your device now – English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish supported so far.
    • Siri is learning topics that interest us so she can give us ideas on what to learn or do next.
    • Siri’s data is accessible on all devices, but kept private.
  • Camera
    • HEVC video encoding on iOS 11. Less storage space for 4K videos.
    • JPEG getting replaced with HEIF – better images at half the size.
    • Live Photos can be trimmed, mark specific slide for main photo
  • Control Center
    • SINGLE PAGE is back!
    • 3D Touch allows for more controls
  • Lock Screen and Notification Center
    • Easy scroll up to see all notifications
  • Photos
    • Memories is the greatest thing of 2017 tbh. Or maybe its just because they used a dog in the demo.
  • Messages
    • Siri learns words from searches and guesses when we use them in messages
    • Apple Pay in iMessages
    • New stickers

  • Maps
    • Layouts of malls, airports
    • Lane Guidance to show you which lane to use for your next move
    • ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ to keep you from being distracted
    • People get notifications that you’re driving when they text you, but can use ‘urgent’ to get through in case of an emergency.
  • HomeKit
    • Speakers are being added to HomeKit
      • Play music on select speakers
      • Join all your friends on one playlist
  • Apple Music
    • 27 million customers are using the app
    • See what your friends are listening to
    • Developers get access to cloud service and more
    • Shazam can add songs to your collection

1:22pm: App Store – BIG NEWS

  • 500 million weekly users on the App Store
  • $70 billion (with a B) paid out to developers to date – 30% in the last year
  • Whole new layout!
    • Discover new apps with ‘Today’
    • ‘Games’ and ‘Apps’ get new highlighted feature tabs

1:30pm: Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

  • Machine Learning will help devices communicate with each other
  • Augmented Reality lets the user place virtual items on real surfaces

  • You can also play some awesome games with AR

1:41pm: Time for iPads!

  • iPad Pro
    • 20% larger screen, same size body
    • Fullscreen keyboard layout
    • true tone display
    • 50% brighter (I didn’t think it was possible, but ok)
    • Double display refresh rate, smoother refresh at 120 Hz
    • Screens refresh rates auto-adjust depending on what you’re using your iPad for
    • Supports USB-C
    • Double memory – starting at 64GB and going up to 512GB
    • iPad Pro is great for photo editing
    • Available now with iOS 11

  • iOS 11 on iPad
    • Get the dock from any screen to switch apps
    • Swipe to switch between apps
    • Drag-n-drop on iPad
      • Drag URLs, photos, text, etc
    • Flick on keys to access punctuation and numbers
    • Files App
      • All of your files in one place on your iPad
      • Supports iCloud and all major third-party drives and clouds

2:09pm: Apple Music with Phil Schiller

  • 40 million songs available through Apple
  • Apple is reinventing music inside our homes (exciting!)
  • HomePod
    • $349, comes in White and Space Gray
    • 7-beam form tweeter array on bottom
    • 4-inch woofer
    • Bass stabilization
    • Powered by A8 chip
    • Detects the space its in to balance the audio and take advantage of both big and small spaces
    • Siri-enabled for song requests and directions, also use Siri for anything you would use it for on your phone with HomePod

2:25pm: Closing remarks from Tim Cook

Inspiring closing speech from Apple’s CEO. He also announced that Michelle Obama will be speaking tomorrow at WWDC.

Recap of today: iOS 11. iMac and iMac Pro updates. Peer-to-peer payments in iMessage. ARKit. Big iPad software updates. New iPad Pro hardware. HOMEPOD. Who’s excited?