Trump Only Uses One App On His iPhone, Can You Guess Which One?

If we were presidents, of course, nothing could stop us from having the latest iPhone, and I bet we would love to have lots of utilities installed from the Apple Store, both paid or free — Unless you’re Mr. Trump, whose current device is an iPhone with only one app installed, according to Axios.

Did you guess right? It’s about the blue bird who squeaks in no more than 140 characters: the Twitter app. Nevertheless, having a smartphone for using just one app is somewhat bizarre. It’s something like purchasing an Audi SUV just to go buy some groceries around the corner, ugh!

Macron, Trump, and Obama: Presidents of Twitter app world

So ignoring the fun fact that the first man from one of the most advanced countries, technologically speaking, around the globe is wasting the advanced tool he has on his hands… Why Twitter? Besides that it’s his favorite app, there’s a silently growing phenomenon.

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To be honest, being in charge of an entire nation does not seem like an easy task. In fact, the report points that Trump has limited time to spend not only on the Web but also watching TV and sending tweets, being the last mentioned, one of the most popular trends among worldwide political leaders lately.

Who tweeted first? The legend states Mr. Barack Obama was the first world leader to set up a Twitter account on March 5, 2007, as user #813,286 when he was still senator of Illinois. Since then, Twitter was popularized by the effectiveness of empathizing directly with others, creating a virtual diplomatic network.

However, although the tendency of having a virtual diplomatic voice was inaugurated at the United States of America and exploded with Trump sworn, the Latin American governments are by far among the most prolific on the social network. On the other hand, some presidential campaigns are even being entirely based on Twitter nowadays, as it was the strategy of the last elected president of France, Emmanuel Macron.

Twiplomacy 2016 - most-effective

Indeed, @EmmanuelMacron is probably getting things done easily by himself at the app, considering his age of 39 years old, which make him the president-elect closest to the millennials (the generation of young people who was born between the years 1980 and 2000 in an already established digitization era), though, few world leaders are actually doing their own tweeting.

In this way, with the 75% of the Heads of State from the different countries around the world present on Twitter, that’s the primary reason why a president like Trump would have a phone exclusively for keeping in touch and connected with the crowds through the web.

Trump delaying his entrance at the Disney Hall of Presidents himself?

Nonetheless, is it being effective to focus on tweeting for Trump? That’s debatable. As a first scenario, if Twitter closed down tomorrow, Trump would lose well over half his online audience instantly — Not to mention, he would be forced to download and start familiarizing with Facebook or another app like that, ha!

Twitter app Trump

Notwithstanding the preceding, there are plenty of people who believe that the content of Trump’s tweets is damning, and that seems to be one of the causes why the one-app chief has not arrived yet to the famed Disney’s Hall of Presidents.

What has to do the robotic character of Trump on Disney with his tweet? As well known, at the end of the 20-minute show that reviews North American history, the animatronic recites a speech previously recorded by the real president, and people are afraid of what he could say because of, among other things, its Twitter reputation. So much so that 14,123 have already signed an online petition for no speech on the representation this time.

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Anyway, the good part of having an active president on the Internet is that you can say whatever you want directly, in the case of Mr. Trump, through the rental @POTUS account that North American leaders get for the duration of their term in office, or if it’s more personal, the alternative @realdonaldtrump. Now, If you were limited to have just one app installed on your smartphone, which one would it be?

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