Connect CHARLIE Review: The Power Charger That Charges Every Device

If you travel, especially for work, power can be a problem. You have a laptop (or two), your cell phone, and maybe another device or two that need charged every day. The issue is your hotel room has two outlets in it – if you’re lucky.

One outlet is already being used by the lamp and alarm clock on the nightstand, while the other is usually in the bathroom or out of reach for normal people. So you bring along a bulky power charger that gives you two to four more outlets to use.

The issue is that it’s not the easiest thing to carry around, the hassle of untangling wires is a waste of time and frustrating, plus many power chargers blow out fairly easily and could harm your devices.

Finally, the solution lies in the Connect CHARLIE– the 12-in-1 power charger that is changing the way we plug into, and travel with, the multiple devices we need on a daily basis.


I wondered the same as I learned more about the product. The mastermind behind CHARLIE, Adam Badawy, explained his reasoning for picking such as name.

“Steve Jobs was my idol, and he went with a name like Apple because it was different. That’s why I chose ‘CHARLIE.’ It’s a international name, and people from all over the world know it,” he said to Sanvada exclusively.

He went on to say that giving the gadget a name was also a much better alternative to simply calling it a ‘plug’ or ‘charger.’ It also humanizes the product, which makes it even more relatable.

In short, CHARLIE is basically your devices’ new best friend. With an ergonomic, lightweight pyramid design that makes it easy to carry, more USB outlets than any other power charger of its kind, and the ability to protect your devices from power surges, this gadget keeps you connected and charged wherever you need to be.

CHARLIE’s design makes it easier to travel with it, as the device can be packed into a suitcase, put in a purse or bag, and you could even put it in your coat pocket if needed. Weighing only 5.875 ounces, CHARLIE is so light you may even forget you have it.

With 3 standard outlets and the addition of nine USB ports to plug in all of your devices, CHARLIE gives you more than you could bargain for. In conjunction with its pyramid design, the gadget organizes your plugs and wires to allow for optimal use without the frustration of being caught in a tangled mess.

Unlike most power chargers, CHARLIE is also a good-looking device. With three colors to choose from – white, black and red, the gadget is as sleek looking as it is functional and timesaving.

This power charger’s story

Like many inventors and entrepreneurs, Adam Badawy is very open on how he came up with the concept of CHARLIE and recognized the need for such a device. He and his wife both traveled extensively and encountered the same experiences as many of us do with the lack of power outlets in hotels.

After creating the prototype for CHARLIE, Adam set up a Kickstarter campaign, which brought in over $24,000 to help get the product into the development stage. From there, the device went on to be mentioned in several publications and media outlets.

What’s next for CHARLIE?

When I asked Adam about the best feedback he’s gotten about CHARLIE, he told Sanvada, “People simply love that they can take it anywhere – especially places like boats and RVs, which usually only have one or two power outlets.”

This has led to Adam to take the product to the next level. The Connect CHARLIE team will soon unveil a second-generation device that will come with universal connectors to make traveling internationally a breeze.

CHARLIE is the type of power charger that we have been waiting for. It’s innovative design and functionality are something we have never seen in a product like this. If you’re looking to simplify your need for charging stations, extension cords, and countless tangled wires, check out CHARLIE here and order one for yourself (and a friend).