Is Elon Musk’s Underground Traffic Tunnel a Copy of Disney Space Mountain?

If anyone dares to say that Instagram is boring, it must be because she or he aren’t one of the 1.5M Elon Musk followers, who a few hours ago just left all us open-mouthed with his last post: a test run preview of his next underground traffic tunnel.

However, if you just ate you’ll have to be sure the digestion process is completed, and perhaps avoid viewing the clip when accompanied by your grandma, since the experience will probably be similar to taking a ride on an extreme amusement park attraction like Disney Space Mountain.

The Hyperloop: progressively closer!

Musk says that going from Westwood to Los Angeles International Airport, a trip that usually takes around thirty minutes, will be completed in five minutes through the electric sled in the futuristic tunnel, upon which one car will be parked to be carried at the speed of 125 mph.

So Elon Musk is not only giving us more hope of colonizing Mars and taste extraterrestrial french fries there, he’s also demonstrating that he’s a man of his word. Just one month ago showing off a concept, and today presenting footage of real testing evidence. That’s how successful people do it; there’s no time to lose!

In fact, it isn’t only about how the Tesla CEO takes advantage of his time, but how he envisions all of his projects as if they were the same one. This fast first testing may only be the result of mixing up two of his personal challenges: aiming to revolutionize both land transport and space travel, or better said in two words, the Hyperloop.

Resultado de imagen para hyperloop competition

In this way, the signs of progress with the hyperspace-like tunnel are an immediate consequence of the Hyperloop Pod Competition, celebrated at the very beginning of this year, and which comes with its second part next summer.

Elon Musk, first and foremost committed to Earth

Some experts in the transportation field, being more realists (we’ll avoid saying “skeptical”), are working on upgrading car tires and boosting automobiles skills so that cars can be driven, and the proposals have been very well received overall.

What do the people think about this Elon Musk idea? The comments on his Instagram account go from people making suggestions like using multi-colored lights throughout the tunnel, or starting with a drive-through car wash, to others who wonder if he’s actually an alien. A thought that might make sense, since he’s looking for them: he could be actually wishing to go back home to outer-space!

Lots of ‘what ifs’ have surged as well. For example, the traveled distance of the preview video was not revealed by Musk, nor if the path will be in a straight line or curved either.

How many cars will be able to do the ride at the same time is another mystery. Thus, people imagine long traffic lines for the service similar to Disney parks attractions. The notion of some sort of fast passes or VIP tickets isn’t ridiculous.

Resultado de imagen para space mountain gif

No matter if the man in charge of Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI, and Neuralink is an alien from another world, he’s helping to save our planet with the groundbreaking tunnel – a technological contribution to a world less polluted.

Finally, I can’t deny there’s enough potential in the project, though, only time will tell if plans were feasible. The range of fault must be zero, considering lives are at stake. Indeed, I bet the first human who will have to test it personally will need to be Musk himself.

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