ShopBolt is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Find That Mother’s Day Gift

ShopBolt is now a highly popular app because of how easy it makes buying online. The concept of ‘shopping through conversation’ means users can buy exactly what they’re looking for with the equivalent of a quick chat on a messaging service like WhatsApp.

The convenience of the free app will appeal to a lot of people who are looking for a Mother’s Day gift and need it fast. On top of that, the kindly people at ShopBolt can even suggest presents if you’re struggling to think of something good.

What is ShopBolt doing differently?

The app removes a lot of the usual hassle of buying online.

It does away with the need to trawl through all the sites that may or may not have the perfect gift, and it can make purchases from “any store or website out there.” The app also saves you the bother of having to check dozens of reviews.

The time taken to look for discount vouchers is time ShopBolt takes so users don’t have to, and there’s no need to enter credit card details with every new purchase, either.

The company’s website explains that:

“Shopbolt is a free service that helps you shop by text message or email. Just tell Shopbolt what you want and we’ll find you the best product for your needs at the best price. We do the research, coupon clipping, and checkout for you so you can just send in a request and go on with your life.”

In an example given on the site, somebody messages to tell ShopBolt: “I want to buy a pair of the latest Nike Flyknit Lunars.”

They’re asked what size and color they’d like in a chatty, informal reply, and when the customer says that cost is what matters most to them, another reply quickly comes back giving the best option to buy.

Shopbolt is then instructed to ship the sneakers to the customer’s office following only six lines of chat.

ShopBolt can buy from any store or site
Flyknits might not be the number one most popular Mother’s Day gift, but respect to mothers who do want them.

Searching for inspiration

The company told Sanvada that the aim is: To save customers the time and effort that goes into researching a product before any purchase, especially for those who procrastinate in making a purchase (i.e. you’re late buying a gift for someone special or you’re shopping for a new TV and overwhelmed by the number of choices).”

That “late buying a gift” example is going to become very relevant for a lot of people in the run up to Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday, May 14, just in case you forgot!).

With time running out, the hours ShopBolt saves on searching endless sites and reading streams of reviews is very helpful. But there’s more, too: if you still didn’t even think of what kind of gift you want to look for, just shoot ShopBolt a message and they’ll give you some inspiration.

By the way, if you click through to the site from Sanvada, you’ll get a notification to say: “Place your first order of $20 or more and get 10% off. Just chat “Sanvada17″ to your Shopbolt Shopper once you see a product you want to order!”

Hopefully new users will like ShopBolt so much they want to tell everyone they know about it… except maybe their mom.

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