Noteworthy Up and Coming Internet Comedians We All Love!

When is the last time you checked out the latest and funniest internet comedians? I know of four hilarious public figures who have all gotten their starts on popular social media platforms. Consequently, each of them have made viral videos.

Even though they don’t have Twitter’s little blue check mark by their names yet, the first four comedians mentioned below have quite a following. They are still actively creating hilarious content and are on their way up.

Mr. Ant Davis

Ant Davis Internet Comedian

If you haven’t heard of him yet, you need to check out Mr. Ant Davis. Out of 835 Facebook reviews from his comedy page he has a 4.9-star rating. You can also check his Instagram account for more clips of some of his funniest videos.

Why do we like him so much? He has the innate ability to poke fun at ridiculous stereotypes. He does it in a way that is totally relatable. He also makes comical sound effects and noises while doing it. He’s easily one of the funniest internet comedians out there and he makes comedy look easy.

He takes scenarios from pop-culture and every-day life and makes fun of everyone! His latest video features a play on Kidz Bop combined with a derogatory title given to rap music that is almost indecipherable but that people still seem to love, called “mumble rap.” This video is called, “Kidz Bop Presents Mumble Rap Nursery Rhymes.”


Cherdleys Internet Comedian

Another pretty hilarious internet comedian is “Cherdleys.” The “About” section on his YouTube page simply says, “What a shame.” This is consequently a phrase that his character commonly uses.

He’s also known for thrift shopping at the beginning of each of his sketches or “Shocking Social Experiments” for the appropriate outfit for each occasion. With each find he uses another popular catch-phrase, “What a steal!”

In an interview found on a SubReddit under “Contagious Laughter,” he can be found discussing the inspiration behind his characters. He describes the name for his main character on YouTube, “Cherdleys”, as being a play on words for his real name, Chad Lebaron. His most recent video can be found here: “Why College Kids are Safe at Coachella.”

With almost 39,000 views on YouTube, it’s no surprise, he is actually pretty funny. Why do we think he is so funny? His character is typically a really naively, awkward adult nerdy guy who seems like he got stuck in the mid-to-late ’90s. He’s totally “over the top” with his over-reactions to just about everything.

The funny thing is that we all know someone like his character, making him surprisingly relatable. He takes modern-day activities and applies the Cherdleys mentality to each situation.

Impressing Strangers: With Sophia and Spencer

Sophia and Spencer

There is a hilarious duo on the internet that has been impressing us all for a while. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check out, “Impressing Strangers.” This comedic act is actually a duo with two of the funniest internet comedians out there, Sophia and Spencer.

They can be credited for the popular, “MJ lives” Youtube video. They can also be found on Busker, where they are raising money to keep making hilarious videos for their growing fan-base and loyal audience. We love them because they are also a bit “over the top.”

They too are highly relatable because they make fun of ridiculous stereotypes, only they have more sort of a sexy “Jenny McCarthy” style and are also highly inappropriate at times, which is great! They also have a “the best friends you’ve always wanted,” kind of vibe.

I recommend checking out “Moon Fight.” If you check out some of their other videos on YouTube and Busker, you’ll notice that they like to play “dress up” quite a bit. Sometimes they even like to get a little bit of a “junior high nostalgia” feel going on dressing up as “Juggalos” for some of their videos.

Maxim Brady

Maxim Brady Internet Comedian

Another internet comedian that we love is “Maxim Brady.” You can see most of his videos here on his YouTube channel. We love Maxim for his uniquely simple and rational viewpoints.

He takes viral videos that are already “over the top” and he points out the obvious by using crazy analogies to describe the insanity of these viral videos. He has an adorable accent and is very expressive.

It’s hilarious to watch him react to these videos as his eyes widen and jaw drops like a little kid’s, while uttering the catch-phrase,”Hoo My Gad!” every time something outrageous happens.

Active internet comedians FTW

All of these comedians have one thing in common. They all play relatable characters to some degree, but they all still have their own unique styles and angles to comedy. Each of them are actively making creative content and, hopefully, they all continue to makes us laugh.

Who are your favorite internet sensations right now? Which of these comedians do you like best? Comment below to let us know who else you are watching.