5 Changes Google Made Recently That You May Have Missed

Google has been on a rampage of innovation of late. The changes and additions Google has made to their various software and apps have made has received little fanfare, however, these actions may have a big impact on the usability of Google’s various software and apps.

These are 5 changes and additions Google has made to their apps and software that you may be unaware of.

Google Maps Can Now Remember Your Parking Location

To be honest, Google Maps has already previously been able to remember when you parked. However the process was pretty tedious especially for IOS. The new Google App feature streamlines the process.

Android users are able to save the parking location by tapping an icon once they are parked. IOS users can also tap the icon to save their parking location or even better if your phone is connected to your car then Google Maps will automatically save your location.

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Automatically Translates Local Reviews

Google apparently knows that we all rely on user-generated reviews to decide on places to visit. Where users previously would come into complications when using reviews is when you are a traveler in a foreign country in which you don’t speak the language.

Google has now enable Google Maps and Search to automatically translate reviews in a different language to the language that is set on your phone.

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Using PayPal Account On Android Pay

Google and Paypal have joined forces once again this time to allow the option of linking your Paypal account to Android Pay. Using your smartphone as a payment system has been slow to catch on. One of the biggest issues people have against this style of payment is the lack of security it is perceived to contain. With the introduction of a second layer of protection like Paypal this may be the change that will spark a rise in the popularity of digital wallets.

A New Way To Report Inappropriate Search Predictions

Google has been under criticism of late as a result of the instances where users would conduct a search on Google only to be confronted by inappropriate search results. To combat this issue Google has created a reporting icon under the search bar where users can report inappropriate search results. To aid in the process of removing these search results Google has also created a team of humans with the sole task of eliminating these search results.

A Location-Sharing Feature For Maps

Google has made it possible to share your real-time location with others. With a new feature in Maps users can with a tap of a few buttons share their location with others in instances like when you are running late to a meeting. The feature also comes with a “Share Trip” function that allows users the option of sharing their progress to a destination with others.

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