Mocana’s Latest Developer Kits Helps to Secure IoT Devices

Security is crucial when it comes down to connected devices. As we know, the Internet of Things is taking shape, and soon we’ll have millions of connected devices around the world. With this being the case, security will be a major problem, one that needs to be controlled as soon as possible.

Cybercriminals are increasingly taking advantage of the lack of security found in IoT devices, which is one of the reasons why Microsoft has recently upgraded its Azure cloud platform security features to better prepare for future threats.

A security company, known as Mocana, has launched a new developer kit for businesses who might not have an in-depth knowledge of cryptography and cybersecurity. The kit is designed to simplify the integration of hardware-based security features directly into IoT products.

The product, which is called the Mocana IoT Security Developer Kit, includes several security modules that are integrated tightly with an Infineon Technologies OPTIGA TPM (Trusted Platform Module) processor. We understand it’s housed on a Raspberry Pi 3 computer, one of the model B designs.
We like the fact that it includes a layer of API along with a platform that simplifies the integration with security features built into the hardware. In terms of SSL, SSH, and Wi-Fi, these are part of the package as well.

All the known features of the Mocana security box

  • An API layer and abstraction platform that simplifies integration with hardware-based security features
  • A secure cryptographic engine for asymmetric and symmetric ciphers
  • Secure transport for SSL, SSH and WiFi
  • Secure key and certificate storage and management based on SCEP, OCSP and EST protocols
  • Software is integrated with an Infineon OPTIGA™ TPM 1.2 chip daughterboard

“Expecting developers to understand the more than 3,000 pages of documentation on the proper implementation of TPM is impractical,” says Srinivas Kumar, vice president of engineering at Mocana.

“Our DevKit provides an easy-to-use developer interface that greatly simplifies and accelerates the development and testing of critical IoT security functions based on hardware security — in this case a TPM chip.”

Developers and businesses should bear in mind the kit includes several demo applications to get things going. It should give them an idea of how to set up a secure Wi-Fi network and generate several TPM keypairs, among other things.

With the likes of Mocana and Microsoft taking IoT seriously where security is concerned, the future of the platform is looking bright as ever. Now, all we need are more useful devices to get consumers onboard in a huge way.

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