Inspector Gadget Jeep Grand Cherokee Moves Over Traffic

You cannot call yourself a citizen if you’ve never experienced a traffic jam nightmare scenario, whether you’re the driver, passenger, or just laying down in the back seat. If you’re a real city homegrown or you have visited any person by car at least once, I bet a scenario flashed through your mind with this kind of idea: “I wish this vehicle could pass over those in front, or fly, if at all.”

Nevertheless, today the subject is not a flying car like the AirbusThe Pop.Up System, nor a prototype of the self-flying taxi drone that will sweep through the air of Dubai… Who’d say a simple marketing idea might be a groundbreaking tech-invitation for making millions at the same time?

The Chinese Version of the Future Wheels

It’s no secret that there’s a Chinese version of almost everything —Just find the famous ‘made in China’ phrase patterned over 70% of everything you have, ha!— that being said, did you already meet their anti-traffic concept?

As a marketing idea from Thinkmodo for Verizon, the Hum Rider transformer vehicle was born to promote a dongle (a small piece of hardware) which connects to the OBD II port of a car and offers services such as diagnostics, roadside assistance, and vehicle tracking.

According to Michael Krivicka, co-founder of Thinkmodo, the idea was to create a literal representation of what Hum can mean for the drivers who use it. And so it was that they came up with a car that literally rises (or is) above the others. Do you get it? Of course.

Here is yet more proof that marketing firms are willing to do anything to get attention. However, it is not often that advertising campaigns get the attention of tech experts looking to simplify our lives.


Taking the anti-traffic SUV to a real automotive market, in the middle of the supersonic, flying cars race, would be a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ project? Let’s take a look at the features before answering.

An Anti-Traffic Jeep that Could Swallow Cars Stopped in Line

Regardless of whether or not they convey the idea that moved them, it is impressive to see a large SUV lift itself over other vehicles, as if it were the car from Inspector Gadget.

The indispensable requirement for a job like this? A curriculum filled with spaceships and Batmobiles like the one responsible for this anti-traffic gadget, Scott Beverly from A27fx who made the visual effects of The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar.

Now, turning a traditional Grand Cherokee into a marketing machine that rises and passes over traffic, is a lot easier said than done. Why so? Below, are the expensive facts:

  1. Most of the car’s system is powered by a Honda gasoline generator mounted underneath, which pumps fluid through 300 feet of hydraulic lines.
  2. As the structure of the Grand Cherokee also had to be strengthened, the weight of the vehicle tripled to 8,500 pounds.
  3. The tires have also been customized in search of its conception: it was incorporated with wheels of a load truck.
  4. The driver can lift the body to a full height of nine feet by simply operating a switch on the dashboard.
  5. Four video cameras located under the body allow you to see everything that the Hum Rider is going through A new meaning to that of “wraparound vision camera system” as well!

Traveling by car means it should be the most comfortable way to get around. However, the repeated traffic jams, gas costs, and the difficulty of parking for those who are not willing to pay a parking lot end up annoying any driver.

Hum Rider is an innovative proposal, a tacit claim for the inhabitants of the big cities. Sadly, it will never happen in series. The model, is a one-off, but is real and works.

So a unique personalized piece, but since it could be the ultimate object of desire for those drivers impatient with traffic, how much would you be willing to pay for the only model in the world? Stop calculating and use the Internet to recreate your own new techie dreamed world.

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