Opportunity Knocks Once: Liztek Wireless Doorbell Ensures You Don’t Miss Out

It’s never a guarantee that no news is good news. The bearer of the news might have just given up trying to call out to you after several knocks on the wooden mahogany front door. Do you still hold the belief that, a deficiency of information about the well-being of your loved one translates to good news? I highly doubt.

More so, if it was a neighbor trying to get hold of you to inform you about a gruesome accident down the road that involved your child. However, the sheer volume of the house won’t let the sound of the knock on the door go past the four walls of the living room. You were tucked in bed wasting the Sunday afternoon away.

But thanks to Liztek wireless doorbell, such occurrences created by fertile imaginations of the mind would never live to see the light of day. A single push of the Liztek wireless doorbell transmitter at its potential maximum sound level should be more than adequate to pop-out your eardrums in the deepest of your slumber land (Ignore the popping out of your eardrums. It’s an exaggeration.)

Product Features of Liztek Wireless Doorbell.

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The Liztek wireless doorbell is another innovative creation of the household appliance maker Liztek. The Liztek wireless door bell is bound to be a hit with your visitors. Below are some of the attractions of the Liztek wireless doorbell.

  • Plug and play device: let’s face it, not everyone out there is cut out for electrical installations that involve drilling and fixing electric appliances. Fixing a door bell ought not to be a herculean task. With this wireless doorbell, you have a plug and play device so to speak. Plug the receiver in any electric socket outlet and hang the button where your visitors can easy spot it. Voila! You are done.

  • Did I tell you that the remote comes with sticky tapes to fix it on the wall? Not the most ideal of items but saves you the trouble of drilling holes and driving screws.
  • Transmission range of up to 1000 feet in an open area and half of the same distance if it’s in an enclosure. It will take a mammoth of a house to drown the sounds of the Liztek doorbell melodies.
  • Customize you tune with over 52 inbuilt melodies to choose from. To be honest, I haven’t gone through all of the chimes but some are heavy in tune of festive melodies. Stating the obvious, you can as well set the tunes with the prevailing season festivities, which is pretty neat.
  • Adjustable sound level: with four different volume adjustment levels, you have the freedom to get the right decibel that will be comfortable for your eardrum. The decibel ranges   between 25 to 110.
  • Flash LED: both the transmitter and the receiver feature LED. In case you missed the sound, the light emitting diode will surely inform you that someone was at the door.

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What Makes Liztek Wireless Doorbell A First Among Equals?

The product specifications are amazing. However, the fact that the product actually delivers on its promises makes it spectacular. Forget the hassle of changing the receiver batteries week in week out. The receiver is connected to the mains.

Liztek wireless doorbell transmitter is rated IP44. Should I really care about that? Yes, you should. The IP44 is an internationally accredited system that indicates that the Liztek doorbell transmitter is protected from water intrusion. Such rating is found in appliances designed for bathroom use as well

Comments from verified purchases at Amazon store sums up the beauty of this product. The product boast of 4.9 stars out of a possible 5-star rating! Need to say more about the Liztek wireless doorbell? To the wise, a word is enough. Period.

The Not So Good about Liztek Wireless Doorbell

Finding fault in a product rated 4.9 star out of a possible 5 is no mean task. Nevertheless, allow me to trace the 0.1 star that is missing on the product. For me, it’s the 3M sticking pads that come with the transmitter. The idea might be good but not great.

The double sided sticky pads will definitely wear out with frequent movement of the transmitter. It changes the entire ball game if the transmitter detaches and hits a hard concrete floor. That marks the end of it. The silver lining about this situation is that it was a default that the makers anticipated. The transmitter comes with two pairs of screws that you can use to firmly hold the transmitter on a vertical surface.

Parting Shots

If you are fed up with the monotonous single chime doorbells, then for $16.95 at Amazon you can spruce up your home melody to alert you of visitors. If you thought that’s expensive, try an American Eskimo. It’s loud enough to alert you and the neighbors of visitors at your doorstep. Nonetheless, prepare to feed it and wipe the pee from the floor. Opportunity knocks but once at your door. You won’t want to miss it. Order your Liztek wireless doorbell from Amazon.

*This is a sponsored post created by Sanvada on behalf of Liztek. All opinions expressed our 100% ours.