The 7 Best Tech Youtube Channels

The Youtube community is huge.

Everyday there is hundreds of million of hours of Youtube videos watched.

To say the least, Youtube has become the place to watch videos on a number of topics. In terms of tech, Youtube has become a behemoth.

Reviews, unboxings, how-to(s), demos it can all be found on the site.

As the popularity of these tech videos rise so as the channels that released them. There is now tech Youtube channels that have more subscribers than some countries have in population size.

These are the 7 best tech Youtube channels.


Marques Brownlee is a veteran in the Youtube community.

Starting his channel in 2007, he first started to garner major attention in the next decade after having his videos featured on major online tech publications.

MKBHD has become a channel where viewers can expect videos on topics that are focused towards the tech obsessive among us rather than the everyday tech users.

Austin Evans

Austin Evans differs himself from other Youtube channels by truly offering a wide range of video topics.

On this channel, you can expect topics ranging from gaming to smartphones. Austin’s many interests add an attractive element of variety in this channel that cannot be found anywhere else.

Austin also has a number of collaboration videos with other Youtubers, many of which are on this list.

TLD / Jonathan Morrison

TLD is a channel known for its absolutely amazing video quality.

This channel offers viewers unique videos like monthly best tech under $50 and things to know before buying.

The channel also offers the best selection of videos on home tech that is available anywhere.


One would be remiss without starting on the in-depth guide this channel provides on headphones.

With one of the largest headphone collections Judner Aura of UACreviews truly knows his headphones.

Besides headphones, on this channel, you can find great tech information on things ranging from gaming to PC.

The Verge

The Verge is better known for its excellent online tech publication.

Less known but still very popular is the Verge’s Youtube channel where you are sure to find some of the newest tech first.

With the Verge’s enormous team the channel regularly releases a large number of videos.

Where this channel really shines is in its ability to cover tech events like CES from a variety of different perspectives.

Android Authority

The foremost authority on all things Android on the web also has a Youtube channel.

The channel, as one would expect, is packed with content on Android. Similar to their content on the channel provides in-depth information on a massive amount of andriod tech.

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy on the surface is a Youtube channel based on unboxing videos of new tech.

But when you dig a little deeper you see that Unbox Therapy is a place where the viewer can expect the unexpected like the channel’s wildly popular video on the bending iPhone 6s Plus(s).

This aspect is what pushed Unbox Therapy to be considered among the top Youtube tech channels.