It Is Official, Comcast Will Offer Wireless Service

It is official. Comcast has announced plans to launch a wireless service. Comcast who has seen increasing competition from wireless carriers like At&t and Verizon who offer their own home Internet products is planning to invade the wireless industry. Named Xfinity Mobile, the service will offer an unlimited everything plan for existing Comcast Internet customers at a cost of $65/month which can be lowered if bundled with additional services.

With the introduction of Xfinity Mobile, Comcast can offer TV programming, home Internet, home phone, home security, and wireless service under one company. This will be an advantage the company feels will establish greater customer loyalty. This factor will, of course, increase customer retention as well. The more a person is tied up with a company through different services chances are increased that a customer will remain with that company.

There were a few aspects of the service that Comcast was able to reveal. One aspect being that the company will offer phones from major phone providers such as Apple, Samsung, and LG. The other aspect is the ability for customers to automatically connect to Xfinity WiFi hotspots without the need to sign in. This would technically give customers of Xfinity Mobile greater coverage as they move about.

The one factor of this move from Comcast that can hinder its success is the amount of competition in the space already. In the space, are carriers who have long since established their place in the industry. Let us take a look at what the other wireless carriers are offering to see how Xfinity Mobile stacks up.

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One of the most constantly changing wireless service providers in the industry currently offers an unlimited everything at a cost of $70 after autopay with taxes and fees included. The service providers’ most attractive offer is its two lines for $100 unlimited plan bringing down the cost of each line to $50.


wireless service

The leading wireless provider in the United States in terms of subscribers offers an unlimited plan at a cost of $80 after autopay plus taxes and fees. The company’s most attractive offer is its four line unlimited plan which comes at a cost of $180 bringing down the cost of each line to $45.


AT&T has two different unlimited plans for their customers. AT&T Unlimited Choice gives users unlimited data at a max speed of 3Mbps. The cost of the unlimited choice plan is $60 monthly for one line and $115 for two lines after autopay.

The other plan is AT&T Unlimited Plus which gives users full 4G LTE. The plan comes at a cost of $90 for one line and $145 for two lines after autopay. The Unlimited Plus plan also offers HBO included.

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Sprint offers an unlimited plan at a cost of $50 per month. The most attractive plan the carrier offers is five lines for a total of $90 per month. By far the cheapest unlimited plan for five lines among all the major carriers.