Vapshot Invents New and Safer Alternative to Traditional Shot With ‘Alcohol MIST’

When someone says the words “mist dispenser” to me, the first thing I think of are those fantastic mist dispensers that amusement parks have for people standing in line on hot summer days. (There’s nothing like a cool, fine mist on a blistering hot day while you’re standing in line for a rollercoaster.)

Vapshot, the new company that created the vaporized alcohol shot, is bringing that cool, fine mist sensation into the world of alcohol consumption. And this new product, Alcohol MIST, is just as innovative as their first product.

One big difference, though: Alcohol MIST does not vaporize any alcohol. It’s not a vaporizer, in other words. It’s a liquid dispenser just like other automated shot dispensers, but it has a very creative way to dispense the liquid.

How do they do it?

One word: balloons.


Vapshot’s Alcohol MIST Home System

On its product page, the use-at-home version is billed as “an innovative way to present liquor shots to your guests.” The machine inflates disposable latex balloons, one balloon per person, with a “fine mist containing micro-droplets of alcohol.”

They’ve thrown out cups and replaced them with balloons filled with a refreshing, aromatic, buzz-granting mist.

Even though it’s not vapored like Vapshot’s other vaporized alcohol products, its benefits are the same, according to the company:

  • The micro-droplets give an instant buzz
  • It focuses the senses on the pure flavor of whatever drink is being misted
  • It might lessen the health issues and dangers from consuming alcohol as liquid
  • It has 1/60th the calories of a normal 1 ounce shot of alcohol
  • As explained in detail in Sanvada’s first article on Vapshot, their alcohol technology reduces the time that alcohol stays in the body. It creates a buzz, but there’s much less chance of a hangover the next day.
  • Its fast elimination from the body might also mean less drunk driving incidents. (Though the company is quick to point out that any form of alcohol consumption can be dangerous if it is abused and not handled responsibly.)

The Alcohol MIST Home System seems to be a high-quality piece as well:

  • Aluminum interior structure and exterior
  • Every part is either food service grade or medical grade.
  • It’s precision tooled. (That means the parts should keep working for years and years.)

It even has built-in lights that change colors to add that extra dose of atmosphere to your social events.

And here’s a sentence I never dreamed I’d write: it comes with “12 serving balloons.” (And you can buy more balloons through Vapshot’s site, of course.)

One thing to note about the home version: it is not designed for commercial use. It’s meant for home social events no bigger than 100 people. If you try to bring it to a high-capacity venue overflowing with guests, the home version will eventually break down. The tech actually has internal thermal sensors that activate an indicator when it senses that the machine is being used with too many people and being pushed too far. (The damage caused to the machine when this happens isn’t covered by warranty.)

This is why Vapshot created a second MIST product.

Alcohol MIST Silver for Commercial Use

The commercial version takes the Alcohol MIST machine’s balloon-filling micro-drop prowess to the next level.

According to Vapshot’s product page for the commercial version:

Alcohol MIST Silver is designed for commercial use and is capable of producing an Alcohol MIST shot every 10 seconds from a single serving nozzle. Alcohol MIST Silver can also be equipped with an optional shot counter.

It can churn out a large number of servings, and the optional Shot Counter gives a precise number for how many shots the machine has served so that venue owners can track their sales and manage their inventory.

Club and bar owners will be especially excited about the profit potential. The machine is so efficient that, according to Vapshot, 1,500 Alcohol MIST shots can be served from one 750ml bottle of alcohol that is typically sold around $5. In other words, an owner could potentially make $7,500 from one bottle of liquor.

It’s not surprising that Vapshot chose to make this high volume commercial system for one reason: massive demand. According to the company, so many customers asked for a high-volume version of their products, they created this new product. The Silver version is meant for medium to large bars and small to medium nightclubs that can hold up to 500 people.

There’s another practical benefit that is making owners flip: the disposable latex balloon-style serving means it’s a convenient system for events or large festivals where washing glassware is not an option.

It’s also got a bit of smart tech in it, with a built-in computer that can be accessed on any device with an Internet connection. It also has a 7-inch touchscreen display that controls the MIST machine’s built-in computer.

It’s fair to say that Vapshot is making a big splash in the nightclub and bar industry. With its home version and its coolness factor, like something from a hip sci-fi movie, it wouldn’t be surprising if this product eventually made its way into pop culture and became a mainstream trend.

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