7 Things To Know Before Buying The Galaxy S8

At last, the Galaxy S8 is revealed.

Samsung recently presented the S8 and S8 Plus to the world. The leaks on the phone in the past few months have been circulating everywhere.

The excitement for the phone is now at a fevered pitched. Many Samsung fans can not wait to get their hands on this phone.

The phone is set to come out on April 21st, but before you make the purchase, these are 7 things you should know.

Samsung S8 And S8 Plus Are Nearly Identical

The Samsung S8 and S8 plus are just about the same except for two factors.

One, of course, is the screen size. The Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display while the Galaxy S8 plus has a 6.2-inch display.

The other factor that separates the two phones is their battery capacities. The S8 features a 3000mAh battery while the S8 plus features a 3500mAh battery.

Infinite Display

Infinite display is what Samsung is calling the almost bezel-less display on the Galaxy S8.

This type of display isn’t entirely new to Samsung who featured it on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

However giving it a name does indicate that this may be something Samsung intends to add to all of its premium phones.

Expect an infinite display on the new Note expected to release later this year.

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No Physical Home Button

As a result of the S8’s larger screen, the home button had to be removed to accommodate space.

For some, this may be a non-issue while others may have more of a problem with this aspect of the new galaxy S8.

The home button is something some consumers enjoy and prefer to keep.

The Fingerprint Reader Is Next To The Camera

With the removal of the home button, Samsung had to come up with a placement for the fingerprint reader on the phone.

Samsung decided to place the fingerprint reader near the camera on the back of the S8.

There are a few cons to this.

The likelihood that you will miss the fingerprint reader and smudge your camera lens is very high.

Also with it being on the top of the back of the phone those who don’t have large hands will need to use two hands to utilize the reader.

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Face Unlock

There is now a plenty of ways that have been introduced on varies phones to unlock your device.

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung introduced a new unlocking method ‘Face Unlock.’

Face Unlock works with the dimensions of your face to unlock your phone. In videos of consumers testing it out, it does seem to be as functional as it is fast.

If it continues to work well this may be the go-to method of unlocking phones for the foreseeable future.


No, you can’t use your old chargers with this phone.

The new Galaxy S8 has a USB-C charging port the same charging port that was featured on the Galaxy Note 7.

This was something that was expected because many of the top phone companies are now incorporating USB-C into many of their phones but is nonetheless a factor to consider.

Especially when having to replace things like your old car charger.

The Phone Will Probably Not Explode

During the announcement of the S8, Samsung did not attempt to ignore this issue. Samsung, refreshingly, met it head on.

This is an issue that is going to be on the minds of many consumers who purchase this phone.

To ensure the Galaxy S8 won’t be a Note 7 repeat, Samsung now conducts an 8-point battery inspection on its devices.

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