Essential Guide to the Top 8 Photo Apps

A photography app has become a necessity in this day and age. On Facebook alone, there are 300 million photos posted per day. In a world where photos are posted this often, we need these photo apps to make the best out of the photos we take.

As a result of the demand, the photography app space has become a crowded one, making it hard for users to distinguish which ones are the cream of the crop.

Here is the essential guide to the best photo apps.

Google Photoscan

Google always seems to create apps that are a gem to use. Google Photoscan is yet another example of that. This photo scanning app lets you take a scan of an old photo to create a digital copy. What makes Google Photoscan better than the other photo scanning apps available, is its method of eliminating glare. Through a process of scanning the photo at different angles, the app merges the multiple scans together to create a glare-less rendering.

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Filters are an awesome tool but sometimes you don’t just want to make adjustments to your photo you want to turn it into a work of art. That’s where Prisma comes into play. Through a simple to use process, Prisma transforms your photo into art styles that are reminiscent of your favorite artists.


With over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters, Pixlr gives users an almost endless option of ways to take your photo to the next level. There are also options to create photo collages, add text, and even to apply layers.


Some of us desire an easy to use photo app and prefer not to be bothered with all the possible bells and whistles. Self-Described as “the fastest and easiest way to make pretty photos,” Qwik is that app. Qwik’s simplistic platform allows users to edit images in what feels like no time.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe with their Photoshop software is well known in the photo editing world. With Adobe Photoshop Express the company offers many of the features that made it so popular such as selection tools and layers.


This one is undeniably the best-known app among this group. Better known for its social media aspect, Instagram also has a great selection of minimalistic photo editing tools. With a well thought out collection of filters and adjustments, the app does exactly what you need it to do.

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Although this photo app has many robust editing features, it is best known for the community it provides. VSCO Cam allows users to create a profile to upload their work. This allows users to not only showcase their work but to also gain inspiration from others.


Manual is one of the newest photography apps among this list. The app, as the name would indicate, is intended for users who prefer a more meticulous approach to photo editing. Manual allows users to adjust shutter, white balance, ISO, focus, and exposure composition.