What it Takes to be a Professional Gamer

The Gamer Dream: Have you ever wondered, what would be the ideal job for you? And by ideal, I mean that particular activity you love with extreme passion while allowing you to pay the bills as well?

Surfing the turbulent 21st- century waters, where technology is growing so fast that it starts turning awkward for us —even for those who were born in the middle of the millennial wave— where we hypothesize whether robots are stealing our jobs or not. 

We are in a time where we are becoming more familiar with futuristic jobs like freelance positions from the comfort of slippers and coffee at home.

Find What You Love and Let It Kill You

Ironically, right after graduating from high school, we are still not legally old enough to go to a bar and have a drink; nonetheless, we are mature enough to choose what we want to do for the rest of our lives? This is culturally accepted as if it were as easy as doing a Google search or finding a how-to tutorial on YouTube.

Some have the joy of being clear on what they will do from an early age. In the end, it is about finding what you like to do and looking for ways to make money from it. By doing so, you will never feel you are working nor will you countdown the days till Friday.

Professional Gamer: Some can become rich!

So, in a present where there’s always space for new giants among the Internet and technology world, all you have to do is take your skills to a whole new groundbreaking level. Willingness to innovate has infected in the way we select in what and how to work nowadays, tearing down old barriers and making us freer —Something field gamers conquered some time ago.

From Nintendo 64 to Nintendo Switch, being a professional gamer could be easily compared to the priesthood and religious life, even to a medical practitioner but demanding the lifestyle of a musician.

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The competition is to death. The prizes are succulent. International players spend up to 14 hours a day to stay in shape. Millions of viewers around the world follow each of their movements in front of their screens. Welcome to the universe of so-called eSports as well, the big computer game tournaments for real gamers.

So You Think You Can Be a Pro Gamer?

Games are a serious activity. Get ready for events such as the Major League Gaming (MLG) circuit, the International Dota 2 Championship or the Intel Extreme Masters. Next, a few bits of advice, based on how the cracks do it!

Choose the Game

With a service like Xbox Live, you can practice and compete all day long with and against very competent players. It is not about looking for random people to compete. You have to find the game in which you are good and become exceptional.

League of Legends (LOL) game, one of the top paid professional gamer positions

Once you’ve discovered that game, then forge your reputation as a competent individual player and as a team player.

Keep Motivation

Triumphs and money are fabulous motivators for professional players; so is family and passion. When someone asked the Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare player Marcus “ShoNuff2025” Davis why he wanted to be a professional gamer, he just said “First, I want to be the best so that my dad does not believe that I ask for all games and updates in vain. Second, I want to have fun doing what I love to do.”

Practice Twice

Study the best tactics, watch a lot of plays and learn how to win. Even if you lose, never stop practicing since this will refine and perfect your skills.

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Pimp Your Ride

You need teams that allow you to test your skills in the competition correctly. Maybe it would be nice to have the most modern PC, but the most important thing is to choose the PC with the performance that best suits your lifestyle.

Join the Community

Before you begin, know the rules for members of a particular gaming community and look for a team. If you’re really splendid, chances are the team is looking for you. Those will be the first steps to get sponsorship, which as in other professional careers, will boost yours!

Participate in Tournaments

Your condition of reach the professional gamer status only actually strengthens when you win in the professional circuit. By winning at live events, you not only get respect, but you also get money. A professional play is a legitimate job.

This year, the Dota 2 World Tournament will distribute $20 million, where the fifth-place has a prize of $1 million.

Other profitable positions include League of Legends (LOL) game: it includes the salary of players, among other benefits such as the payment of necessary expenses, including transport to go to their offices to play face-to-face tournaments.