Ryse Son of Rome Sequel Launching for Project Scorpio This Year?

Microsoft has announced the list of free games to feature on Games with Gold for the month of April. To the surprise of many, Ryse Son of Rome is one of them. The game was released alongside the Xbox One back in 2013, which means, it’s far from being a new title.

But, why did it take so long to feature on Games with Gold?

We’ve seen several big games get the Games with Gold treatment, and many are exclusives from Microsoft. However, Ryse Son of Rome has eluded to us all these years, “Not to worry folks, the title is on its way and from our point of view, there’s a reasoning behind it.”

At least, we hope there’s one.

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Project Scorpio on the horizon

Microsoft’s newest video game console is destined for release before the end of 2017. The system is codenamed Project Scorpio, and according to Microsoft, it will be the most powerful video game console ever made when it hits the market.

When the console becomes available, Microsoft will need several games to display what the device is capable of. For those who are unaware, Project Scorpio is expected to launch with a beefy six teraflop GPU, and with that, the software giant hopes to deliver games in true 4K and with impressive graphics.

Now, which title is best suited to highlight the power of Project Scorpio in 4K rather than a sequel to Ryse Son of Rome? The original game is still one of the best video games regarding graphics to launch on the Xbox One over three years, and it still ranks up there with some of the newest releases.

The team at Crytek is talented, but their games are not well known for having solid storytelling and equally solid gameplay. What the team is known for, however, is pretty graphics, and that’s exactly what popularized Ryse Son of Rome.

If the developer is working on a sequel, we’d like to see vast improvements in gameplay and storytelling, and not in the graphics department alone.

Dominance of the PlayStation 4

With Sony dominating the market with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, good ole Microsoft needs something to stay relevant. We hope that’s Project Scorpio, but there’s no chance it will ever be if the games are not on point.

Seeing as Microsoft is supporting Windows 10 with the Xbox Play Anywhere program, the company must invest more in quality first-party video games. We haven’t seen a lot of those, but the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn has proven why console makers must take first-party investment seriously.

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