Can Apple’s New iPad Save its Declining Tablet Sales?

When the Apple iPad was first introduced, it was deemed “the personal computer killer.”

It hasn’t quite turned out that way.

The tablet, in general, was later revealed to have its limitation and not a total PC replacement.

Recently, Apple has released their newest iPad in hopes that this release will rejuvenate tablet sales.

Apple is betting on the new iPad to save its now declining tablet division. Apple has seen a decline of almost 50% in its tablet business in the last three years.

This, of course, has Apple worried.

The Declining Tablet Market

The decline in Apple’s tablet sales is part of a decline in the overall tablet market. The tablet market as a whole saw a decline of 15.6 percent in 2016 as compared to 2015.

Declining tablet sales, is in part, a result of the rapidly evolving smartphone market.

Today’s phones can do everything that a tablet can do, and some things better. And when you take into account that a phone is far more portable, some consumers are finding it difficult to justify a tablet purchase.

The other factor leading to the decline of tablet sales is a rebounding PC market that is more and more incorporating many aspects of a tablet.

Aspects like a stylus and portable screen for instance.

Declining Tablet Sales and the New iPad

The new iPad, dubbed Apple iPad, unveiled on Tuesday is the successor to the iPad Air 2.

The iPad features an upgraded A9 processor and larger storage capacities with the option of either 32Gb or 128Gb.

The biggest aspects of the new tablet are not its specs, but rather its price. The new tablet starts off at a price of $329. $70 less than the iPad Air 2.

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Apple’s New Strategy

In the past, Apple’s strategy with the iPad division is to offer more regarding specs.This plan has not been successful, leading Apple to change direction.

Apple’s new strategy is to offer minor upgrades for less, as in the example with the new Apple iPad.

Apple believes that the lower cost iPads will draw consumers to the iPad that may have been cautious of the device due to its higher price point.

A Crowded Low-Cost Tablet Market

Apple’s introduction into the lower cost tablet sector marks a new for the company who traditionally has offered tablets at a higher cost.

One factor that may hinder Apple’s success in this tablet sector is the amount of competition that already exists.

At the height of Apple’s success with the iPad, many competitors found a safe haven in the lower cost sector.

As a result, many of Apple’s competitors have been able to strategically build a name for themselves in this sector.

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Will The Apple iPad Bounce Back?

Only time will tell if this move from Apple was the right one or if it will even matter.

If the tablet market continues on the decline, there will be nothing that Apple can do to save its tablet division.