Apple Just Announced a Slate of New Products

The tech giant, Apple, has made notable changes to its lineup today.

The news comes as a relief to Apple fans everywhere who haven’t had any new tech since the release of the iPhone 7 and iWatch series 2 in late 2016.

The slate of tech revealed today comes as a surprise to many as there was little to no coverage ahead of Apple’s announcement today.

Here are the products that were announced.

iPhone SE and iPad Mini 4 Get Upgraded Storage

Apple has finally upgraded the storage spaces of the iPhone SE and the iPad mini 4, essentially getting rid of all 16GB models throughout their tech lineup.

Let’s face it,16GB simply can not cut it in a world where making videos with your phone are as common as taking a picture.

The upgraded storage also comes with good news! The prices of the 32GB versions will be the same prices as their 16GB counterparts.

The upgraded storage models will be available this Friday.

Apple’s Clips app

In an age where Instagram and Snapchat rules, the making of short videos or clips is becoming more commonplace.

The new Apple app aims to make it that much easier to create clips for IOS users.

The app is similar to already existing video apps of this nature, but with added features; features that include Live Titles, a dictation feature and pre-recorded tracks.

The app, which will launch next month, will work on a number of Apple’s new and old device’s running on IOS 10.3.

New Special-Edition Red iPhone 7

Yes, there is now a special edition red iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

The new color-way will be available to the global market.

The special edition phone is part of the company’s continuing contribution to AIDS charity Product RED.

Releasing on March 24th, the special edition phone will only be available in 128 or 256 storage capacities.

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New iPad

Apple quietly released a new 9.7-inch iPad.

The new iPad is not a total makeover and is similar to what the company did with the S version of the iPhone.

The new “Apple iPad” is an upgrade to the iPad Air 2 featuring an improved A9 processor instead of the A8X chip.

Apple has also doubled the capacities to give you the option of either 32GB or 128GB storage.

The biggest part of this release is the drop in price.

The Apple iPad starts off at a price of $329. A $70 price decrease from the price of the iPad Air 2. This move is an attempt to combat the declining tablet industry.

6 New iPhone 7 Cases & iWatch Bands

The six new iPhone 7 cases & iWatch Bands are being released in identical colors.

The new cases and bands are split with 3 being silicone and 3 being leather.

The three colors available in silicone will be Azure, Camellia, and Pebble. The three colors available in leather will be taupe, sapphire, and berry.

The accessories are now available.

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